Friday, February 27, 2009

And Again...

Feverishly reading, making sure I got every word read such that I don't miss out any important points. Tough. This book has so many words in one page that you feel like you have read 10 pages when you only read 5. Plus the mind boggling graphs, technical definitions and implications of these and that... I need a break every 40 minutes. Reading such stuff does get me hungry man. Gobbled down a pastry thingy at 12 midnight. (: At least I don't go to bed hungry now.

Can someone tell me that this particular reading will pass and it will end soon? At the same time, I'm not so ready to leave school. How ironic.

Now, I've rested more than I needed and supposed to... Off to wash up, read and snooze...
Take me in your arms and don't let go... ...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things Done.

Called the gymnastics place, probably drop by for a trial lesson. Done with assignments, submitted one, still sitting on the other, want to read it again (after a good 10 times) just in case there are minute errors that I didn't spot. Studying is on its way, just that the readings are really hard-core, can't go beyond 10 pages each time I read. Too much information to digest. Bleah.

Today was tuition day, as usual, but ended up unusual since I met him up for dinner. And he treated. (: Japanese food at Esplanade followed by dessert at xin wang. Well, Andersen's was closed, or rather I stepped in after 9.30pm. Next date coming up. By the way, who he? Ah, he's a guy, bespectacled.

Blah, more readings to go, and preparation for exam to go. Boo...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off Target

Well, the aim is to complete the assignment today. Quite a bit off target, but I have started studying anyway. Not too far away from completing what I set out to do.

Wanted to head to the pool this week, didn't have the time or energy to. But I did run 2km today. Off target from what I'm supposed to do - run twice a week, but to comfort myself, I did exercise.

Supposed to call the gymnastics gym today to find out about stuff. But was too tired to do so. Yikes, the procrastination bug is back.

Somehow I seemed to have lost steam this week, gotta buck up.
Dining Out.

Today was dine out day at Dome Cafe at Marina Square. Ok, do not order the lasagna, pizza hut's downright defeats it. Other than that, I think the rest should be okay. But blah, hope the people that dined with me had a good meal.

Then it was a walk around the outdoor area of Esplanade, all the way to Fullerton Hotel before ice cream at Andersen's. Oh well, bet it was a lil' too long of a walk. Nonetheless, it was nice. I'm still feeling nervous despite meeting again. I should be less self conscious. People matters over food right? *Sigh.*

Tomorrow's supposed to be a short day for me, but again had my tuition day changed because my student had school activities on this week. And her common test's next week. For genuinely wanting to help my student and for the money, I will persevere. Just feel like slumping into a comfy chair and stone there till I feel like getting up. I'm feeling damn restless.

Take me away.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late Nights.

I miss late night chats.

Don't you sometimes feel like chatting at this ungodly hour?

Just about anything and everything?

Enuff said.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Growing Younger.

Yesterday the supposed plan of watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at 7.15pm was pushed to 9.50pm due to some unforseen circumstances. And then I was in disbelief for a little while since the movie would only end after 12 midnight.

But the show gets a rating of 4 outta 5 stars. Wonderfully woven, nice guy to look at, sex scenes here and there. I recommend watching the show, although it gets you anxious to know what's going to happen next, which should be the case.

Good stuff. Yeah, and my first time watching a movie at The Cathay. Yes, like duh, but I have a cineplex just 10 minutes walk away from my home lah. Movies I wanna watch, movies movies galore.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Thing I Did.

If you remembered, before the Chinese New Year, I said I was going to do something. And after I did it, then I'll announce it? Well I've done it.

I bombed FIFTEEN YEARS of red packet money from Malaysia on repaying my education loan. A whopping RM5000+ to S$2000. Yes, people have told me that it's not worthwhile to convert my money to Singapore dollars and all. But whether I should or should not do something, I can decide for myself. It's my money and it's my debt. I know what I'm doing. Nonetheless, that's quite a large part off the loan. From 5 digits to 4 digits left. I'm halfway there now.

Top priority now? To be debt-free.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How did V-Day go?

It was a busy day! First I met up with RP supposedly for karaoke, but the queue was way too long and we had a change of plans. Was hoping to sing but we watched Bride Wars instead. I was about half an hour late because I only realized I forgot my phone when I got to central. Had to take a bus back home, and then back to central to take the train. Ok, not the first time, I normally check before I leave home but blame it on insufficient sleep. -.-

Thereafter met up with a guy for afternoon tea, a lil' talking and walking around before I had to go. Then it was babysitting for the usual family. Didn't expect them to come back early this time. But my mum packed goodies and gave red packets to the duo, and the as usual generous employers gave a red packet to me in return, on top of what I get.

Since they got back early, I asked my mum if I should drop by at the potluck session, which I did for a couple of minutes. BOO. Thanks ah. Then got home around near to 1am, slept at about 2.30am, after getting drowsy from that anti-itch medication.

What happens when I sleep late? I wake up at noon, to a phone call today. (:

Uh no, not from the guy. From another person whom I was expecting a call from.

Someone asked... any new targets? Any new guy? The answer is no, or rather, not yet. It's not that easy to find that soul-mate. Getting impatient? Not really. Let's just see how it goes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day-to-Day Stuff

Clocked another 2 km on Thursday evening, before heading for a movie at Cineleisure. Watched Doubt and it's pretty good, in making the audience doubt about what the priest has or have not done. Next few movies to catch: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Night at the Museum 2, Hotel for Dogs, New in Town. Ok, that's a lot of movies to watch. But $6 for a movie ain't a bad deal. Shall watch them over next week.

Today I headed to see the doctor 'cause I can't take the itch anymore. There's rash on my legs that are super duper itchy. Doc says the cause is multi-factorial. So, a tube of gel and three packs of tablets to ease the itch = $34. I brought $30 to the doctor and had to go back to pay the $4 thereafter. It seems that it's getting more expensive to see a doctor nowadays. Let's hope the itch and rash goes down in a week, it feels like the time I had dengue fever. But bleah, I'm immuned to one strain, unless another strain has come un-invited. It's getting itchy as I type. ARGH. RESIST THE URGE TO SCRATCH.

Tomorrow I'm going to K-Box with RP after settling some adminstrative stuff. Wahaha. SING SING SING, sing until the glass cracks. Ho ho ho.

I'm high because... I'm happy. Right.

Happy Valentine's Day to you guys.

Bask in the love river.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Away

I want to sit somewhere... that:
- Is quiet
- Will not irritate my legs
- Is away from mosquitoes
- Is away from the city
- Is away from people I don't wish to contact with
- Is away from Toastmasters
- Will keep me sane
- Is windy but not too cold
- Has a nice sunset to watch

With a person who is willing to sit beside me and star gaze thereafter.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Remember the dog bolster I mentioned? That's the one. Cute right? You can even remove the shirt to wash it. Oh, the "fu" thingy is my bed sheet. Traditional yet modern right?

Today I had "orh lua" for dinner and felt so damn unhealthy after that. Plus after studying for yesterday's exam, I'm more inspired and motivated to start another exercise regime other than swimming. So, today got a good deal for a pair of Asics and immediately put it to use by running 2km with it. Ah, beggars can't be choosers. No more size for the colour I like. This one, got gel technology, costing under S$100 not bad already lah.

Running is good, cracking painful knees are not. Need my supplement and need to wear good shoes to run from now on. More running to go...
The Chinese New Year Get-Away

Check out the pictures!

Aboard the bus on a 5 hour ride. They actually installed in-coach entertainment. Not bad leh. But I didn't know it worked until I was on the way back - and you have to buy headphones for RM5. Luckily I had my own.

On a boring day, when I was bored, I started building house of cards together with Xenev, my nephew... See my wonderful masterpieces.

Then I went karaoke, remember? Yah, I can sing, just whether in tune or out of tune.

Foodie places... Tram Car & Nasi Lemak.

This can be part of my staple diet man. Kitsune Udon, one of my favourite.

All in all, 23 ang pows from Malaysia. Amount? To be hushed.

more I did actually, but I left the phototaking to my niece who has a SLR camera. Pictures not in yet...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another Down

Another module's exam down. Today was a 100-question MCQ exam which I completed in 20 minutes, in about an hour after checking it through 3 times. Ok, I'm still not sure about the percentage of Americans who will get at least one STD in their lifetime. *Crosses fingers* Nonetheless, it's always a love-hate relationship with exams. Love looking at result slips, hate studying for it. It's not difficult to study for it, just tedious and requires effort. Another exam over means it's closer to the end of undergraduate studies. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

After exam was time with mum at Ikea to buy new cups and we bought these 3 stuffed bolsters. Two dogs and a cat. Can't imagine? I'll post a picture when I feel like it. I dragged myself literally throughout the entire shopping trip, sitting whenever I see a sofa set or a chair. But afternoon naps do wonders. Slept for about 2 hours and now I'm refreshed.

Now that the exam is over, I should be getting some exercise and looking into my diet to eliminate the munchies to achieve wellness. Ha ha.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Highs & Lows

Alright, the previous post was an angry one. Pissed off at that moment, needed to vent it out, and out in words it did. The person I mentioned is not Toastmaster or family related, it is a friend of the family. The ex-swim bud came to tell me that complaining won't work. I know. That's why we are working it out to change the date because I'm not the only one affected by it.

On a higher note, with the pretty full schedule today, still managed to complete a couple of chapters. Oh well, that's the beauty of being busy. You know you have to do it, you use any time available to do what you have to do. Being busy ain't a bad thing!

Today was dinner day with mum and bro at Crystal Jade followed by some laptop browsing. The one I want is out of stock, and so a couple hundreds more to get a better and newer one. Now, it's waiting time.

Blah, the bank account runs low, well, not low enough for me to scrimp and save yet, but some extra savings will make me happier with higher digits. It's ok, pay days coming soon. (:

Ok, the Fit and Well Text is making me paranoid. It seems that I'm unfit to the max, or at least compared to JC times. I want to exercise, but seriously, if I go swimming, then I'll be too tired to study and then how? I feel more unhealthy as the day goes by. Eeks. Look at my swim clock man, still stuck at a month ago. Exercise is overdue for me.

You know what? Daily emails with someone can be fun, and something to look forward to, especially on a bad day. Ranging from random stuff to intellectual stuff, engaging stuff it is.

Alright, enough random stuff for the day. I just realized I typed in random sequence about stuff, although separated by paragraphs. Till tomorrow awaits!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Why do you have to set it on that date? It's obviously a day when people have their programs right? You have your plans, so do I. It's not like you are free on that day means everyone will be free on that day, you bitch.

Yes, money is of ultimate importance to me at this very moment, I have a mountain of debt to repay and lots of things that I NEED TO BUY. You are financially worry-free, and you live a life of luxury with nothing to worry about. It does not apply to everyone else. I still have to work my ass off and there are things that I want to do.

Absolutely have extreme mega hatred towards you. Not an appreciated gesture, NOT AT ALL. Can you be considerate, you bloody woman? Make sure you confirm and ASK everyone before you make a decision, have you got any sense of what consensus is? Obviously not. Poor planning and management skills you got, huh.

Work around schedules, you shitty person.