Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I realized that certain decisions are easy to make,

But hard to fulfill.

Sometimes don't decisions make us go topsy-turvy?

So what's so bad about being indecisive sometimes?

It's hard, hard hard...
Anyway, it's always a good way to cool down after a fiery day at school,

By heading to TCC with some good company.

They never cease to make you smile again, just so naturally.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contest

My trophy!

Yes, I am the champion for the club humourous speech contest,

My first CHAMPION trophy,

Which means I have to move on to the next level, the area level.

Beyond that, there's still the PA (People's Association) Humourous Speech Contest,

Which I'm supposed to represent the club.

I shall just use back the same speech,

Anyway I'm representing because no one's going.

So contests contests, here they come.

As we grow up, we sometimes realise how hard is it to maintain friendships.

From primary school, "I don't want to friend you anymore."

Till now, drifting apart and when you feel the cold shoulder,

It's really hard to get yourself to speak to that person again.

And we drift apart...

I was reading Serene's blog and her latest entry, a poem about friendship.

Serene and I are miles and miles apart, yet she calls me (long distance calls).

Appreciate appreciate. I mean if a friend staying a continent away can call,

Then why some friends just try to ignore you when you take the effort and trouble to just say hi?

Well, maybe some friendships are not worth the effort.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back at the blog

I've been too tired to blog lately,

Especially after a day of scolding kids and marking horrible work.

I just wanna hit the sack before preparing for another terrible day.

It is sometimes not that horrible,

But I think I'm losing patience with my class.

They always give me a 'good' class to relief.

But money doesn't come easy I guess.

Tonight's the humourous speech & evaluation contest,

I'm taking part in the speech contest,

So Miss Lim decided to take MC today and rest at home,

And rehearse for the speech contest.

Wish me luck!

Friday, August 17, 2007

A day of proper blogging

Finally there's a day after the past 2 weeks that I can sit down and take some time to type.

I've been busy relief-teaching a supposedly active class,

But perhaps I scolded them the first minute I saw them,

They knew I wasn't kidding and gonna fool around with them.

Nonetheless, I've only taught 5 days so far, due to the National Day holiday,

And the PSLE orals these 2 days.

But tutoring goes on...

I seem to be on a vacation all the time,

But exam's tomorrow, before another module starts end-September.

Meanwhile, let me relief teach and get some moolah rolling in. $.$

Monday, August 13, 2007

Over the past 2 weekends...

I've been enjoying myself over the last 2 weekends,

Eating dim sum now and then and heading out to town...

Here's a glimpse of my weekends.

I was out with RP to Orchard then to Suntec,

Then we headed to Kenny Rogers for dinner.

Some roasters wings for you?

I look sleepy because I was + the lighting = super sleepy.

RP looks more refreshed... Heh.

Then we headed to Carrefour and a cute elmo bag for me.

Then over the weekend that just passed, Cheng San Toastmasters had a recreation trip,
To HSBC treetop walk.
Here's the beginning where we saw monkays!

By the time we got to the entrance, everyone was half dead.

Then we took another group picture at the ranger station.

There are many more photos on the Cheng San TMC blog, so head there to see more.
Meanwhile, Saturdays are now good days to go out because there's no more tuition on Saturdays!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Feels good to be back

It feels good to be back at my own primary school doing relief teaching,

Teachers whom taught me before are still around,

So are colleagues whom I was close to during my short stint there last year.

It's hard work to deal with the little brats,

But with nice colleagues and money rolling in,

I will endure.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The start of a new month

With the blink of an eye,

Another month passed, with ups and downs...

But don't look back, look forward,

Here's schedule for month of August!

Orange box = National Day, green box = public holiday.

Red box = exam.
It's gonna be a busy month,

But money's gonna roll in!!!

Wheee. (:
A day out

First up was dim sum in the morning with mum and Aunt Genevieve,

Then it was tuition from 330-530.

Following that was dinner with mum and Aunt Genevieve again.

So what happened today was I travelled from Yishun (home) to Orchard (dim sum),

Back to Yishun (tuition) then to Dhoby Ghaut (to meet up).

Then walked to Somerset (dinner) and then back home again.

How fun is it to travel on the mrt...

But it was a good day. (:

In fact, super duper great. (((((((: