Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to SG

BOO, I don't wanna go back.

Because school's starting, tutoring's starting.

That means less time.

But on a higher note, money's gonna roll in,

While I can go eat and shop with my BFF.

And 2008's coming, my US trip is coming too,

I'm graduating too.

Let's see what 2008 holds for me.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More food

Today had duck rice for brunch,

Fried kuay teow with my cousin,

Before visiting my lil' new born nephew, Tang Tao.

*Photo to come later*

Then had macdonald's for pre-dinner,

And crabs, fish, rendang chicken, sambal for dinner.

BAD BAD BAD, I don't care about how heavy I weight,

But I care about where the fats go to.

It's heading to the belly, someone burn those fats away!

And what's more sinful?

Supper at 11pm, nasi lemak and ice milo at mamak stall.

Good food yes, but good figure gone.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good food every day and night

Oh, I made a mistake, Tuesday's ain't the pasar malam.

But I had home-cooked dinner, fried chicken wings & sweet and sour fish.

At night, we went to have roti prata at a mamak stall topped with iced milo.

Yumz. Photos to come later. Woo hoo!
Wednesday went to IKEA with my cousin to shop for his new house,

First time going there in market-clothes: tee & shorts.

Went to megamall to shop, but only bought one shirt. BOO.

Had macs and baskin robbins ice cream, and bought some Dunkin' Donuts.

Had bak kut teh at night, with nasi lemak for supper at another mamak stall.

Say hi to the protruding belly once again.
Thursday was help-the-cousin-out-day!

Helped out with shifting and cleaning...

After a hard day's work, I had asam laksa for dinner.

Thursday was PASAR MALAM DAY!

Went there, bought bubble tea, ate fried chicken and crispy pancakes.

Say hi once more to the belly!
If that wasn't enough, I had hong kong chee cheong fun for breakfast,

Popiah for pre-lunch and mee hoon for lunch at the new house.

Dinner... home cooked nasi lemak with spicy squid,

Nuggets, french fries, spring rolls, coke, sprite, apple juice and candy canes!

This was to unofficially celebrate the first day into the house.

Now it's 1.43am, and my niece and nephew are too hyper to sleep,

So while they laugh away, I'm blogging away, at my cousin's new house,

Contemporary with a lil emo-ness house.

Photos to come later.
Imagine how I've been eating these few days.

Fingers too full to blog. HAHA.

But I truly enjoy myself,

For this is supposed to be a holiday, for me to get away from bustling fast paced SG.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overseas again!

Hello people, I'm in Malaysia again.

Yupz, it's SHIOK.

This is my first trip to Malaysia on my own, alone.

Usually my mum would head into Malaysia as well,

But this time, haha, my virgin-lonely-travel.

Tonight's the pasar malam,

First stop of good junk food. (:

Right now, it's just plain slacking with the dogs at home,

Waiting for time to pass as I enjoy stoning away in a resort-like home.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toastmasters International District 80 Semi-Annual Convention 2007

With laser lights and musical fountain by the beach at Songs of the Sea, Toastmasters' District 80 Semi-Annual Convention started unofficially with oohs and ahhs as delegates from Hong Mong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand were mesmerized by the beauty of Sentosa at night. Dinner by the seaside also brought our moods to the highest.

The next day with a loud bang, the open ceremony commenced with its guest-of-honour Mr Tharman Shamugaratnam and keynote speaker, Michael Podolinsky. The premium that morning was the keynote speaker, speaking on 6 disciplines and 6 barriers. If you did not feel inspired and motivated in that hour or so, then I don't know what will.

After a buffet-style lunch, fellow Toastmasters adjourned to their respective venues for three concurrent workshops. With another dose of Podolinsky and hearing from speakers like Ezzy Wang & Stuart Tan, as drained as I was, the many lessons to be learnt and applied made it up for the tiredness.

The highlight for the 2nd night was the Gala Dinner with its theme of "Simply a Superstar Night". Besides good food, good performances, Toastmasters also rewarded various leaders, divisions and clubs for their hardwork in the previous term. What can be more apt than calling it the 'Hall of Fame'? With great educational workshops, talks, dinner and camadarie, I went home, looking forward to another day of yet great fun.

The third and final day commenced at 8.30am with the humourous speech and evaluation contests. It was a fierce fight between the contestants. Surprise surprise, we even had Ramesh Muthusamy as the test speaker. Difficult to evaluate? You bet. Then the convention came to a close with the closing ceremony and a farewell lunch outdoors.

To sum it up, conventions can easily make up for a few years of chapter meetings. The inspiration and motivation within Toastmasters, within me, were further enhanced with the convention. Each convention is a unique experience. This is my 2nd convention, with the 3rd to come next year. Join me, fellow Toastmasters, it's truly an eye-opener.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ahhh... I saw him again.

My eye candy...

Only can see, no touch. ):

I miss kissing.

Not with a particular somebody,

But I just miss kissing.
Tuckshop Tuckshop!

Yupz, some 1/2 weeks ago, I finally went out with the kalyn/lishan/jerald group.

We went to this little eatery/cafe called tuckshop.

Nice little cafe tucked away between the offices at Tanjong Pagar.

Beware, this group takes a GAZILLION photos whenever they go out.

So this post is full of pictures.

First, some pictures before the food comes.

Lishan & Kalyn..

Jerald and Lishan...

Us... The mass comm students.

Jerald and me.

Kalyn and her boyfriend, Siew Yang.

Then some pictures after the drinks came. Lishan & Kalyn with orange juice.

They tested my ability to smile at the camera while pouring tea. Unsuccessful.

Then the food came. This was salmon sandwich.

Mine! Satay chicken sandwich with satay sauce & onion rings.

The boys forgot their fish and chips, but the two thorns among the roses...
Guess whose 'twist' was that?

Well, the purpose was to celebrate Lishan's birthday.
Jerald got her a nutella ice-cream with a candle. (:

Lishan with her present.

The card we all wrote.

Kalyn got excited with this 'ghostbuster' as she called it.
I was first to pose with it. And look at Jerald's SUPERB camera-taking skills.

Much better, JER!


And everyone had a chance to pose with this 'ghostbuster'.

Then Lishan got excited by the drumset...

That's Kalyn and her BF.

And of course, US again.

And before we left, more pictures! This time with the mirror.

Told you this group are photo-crazy.

Long overdue pictures

RP and me meet up around once a month,

And we try to go to better places to eat,

Since it's only once a month...

So in September, we went to NYNY (New York New York).

While we were waiting for the food... RP got bored.

We ordered ribs, big portion. And even we shared, we just managed to finish.

And a side to go with it, some crunchy mushrooms...

Then RP said I blended into the chair... So she took a pic of me.

After that we went to get some green apple flavoured cotton candy...

After some 吸功大法。。。

It became the shape of mickey mouse!! It didn't really of course, we moulded it..

Not forgetting some dessert after some shopping...
Lonely fondue for the both of us, comes with ice cream!!

In October, we went to this Japanese restaurant in Takashimaya.

Japanese it is, I got possessed by doraemon, look at my hands... Haha.

Anyway, this dish is omelette with some meat, with raw cabbage inside.

It's quite unique. Remember to try it!

To fill the tummies, we ordered unagi small don.

And some soft shell crab to go along! This was the best that day!

Since the restaurant served dessert too, we ordered dessert.

A friend asked me how come I don't get fat even when I don't exercise.
Well, I have high metabolism rate, and it runs in the family.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Downdates vs. Updates

After relief teaching for 3 days, my biological clock is back to normal.

And 3 days of relief teaching = some $$$.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Toastmasters International Semi-Annual Convention,

Yay! After that, it's my holiday trip to KL. Wahahaha.
Just the type of look I like.

Nice to look at, nice to talk to.

But yikes, just too old.

But I like you!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Human owl

Now all thanks to exams, my biological clock has taken a turn.

I've been sleeping at 4am, and only waking up at 3/4pm.

Yesterday was worse, only slept at 6am, woke up at 5pm.

I feel like an owl now.

Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I didn't think of you today, how nice.

I will get over this, I will.

Unless you initiate another encounter.
Masters to be KIV-ed

Another 2 years and a choice between S$24k / US$32k / S$15k is out of the question.

So masters to be keep in viewed until I complete my degree.

How come a stupid paper costs so much?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Food for thought

I was just talking to a fellow Toastmaster,

Of which are must older than me and she gave me some food for thought.

Actually doing my degree in mdis might be a blessing in disguise.

I'll be graduating say end-2008 and will only be 21.

That is young for a university graduate.

If I were to do my Masters for another year, I'll graduate with a masters at 22/23.

Compared to my other peers, I'll be one step ahead.

But masters call for another year of pia-ing.

Let me first check their prerequisites of getting into a masters class.

Then I shall decide.
Perhaps we should.

Or else it might just be never-ending.
The completion of our 3rd module

What seems after so long, we have just completed our 3rd degree module.

Why does it seem so slow?

But politics was fun, except for the crazy readings.

It's another month's break before the start of another module.

And break = trip to Malaysia again!

Wahaha... Here I come!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Apparently it was also just lust for me.

It still is.
I asked for it.

And so it happened.

I figured it out that it would.

But I enjoyed it, so now what?

Well, there'll probably be no answer to it.

But for now, let's make the best out of it while we can.

Now I feel indifferent. I just enjoy the process. (:

And you wanted it too.