Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy New Year!

Bye Singapore for 5 days or so.

I'll be going to Malaysia and the kampong shop houses!


Can't wait to see my cousins, nieces and nephews!

And not to forget, I still can play with fireworks!

Till then, see you guys on Monday.

Yes, if you don't see Esther in school on Friday,

That's because I'll only be back on Saturday,

And the tickets have been booked.

Happy new year anyway people.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reunion dinner

Reunion dinner was good with steamboat and 'pen cai'.

But how come I still feel the strain?
My dental appointment

If you didn't know about me going for dental appointments,

I make it a point to visit the dentist every 6 to 8 months for my regularly check-ups,

Cleaning & scaling etc.

Although I visit frequent enough, sensitive teeth of mine makes it...worse.

And so S$54 had to go today.

Fortunately or unfortunately,

The dentist detected something! And he drew a picture for me as well...

Here is a replica of it...

By the way, that was how he drew my teeth.
See the black spot on the 7th molar?
There's a cavity there and it cannot be filled up due to the angulation of the teeth,
It is tilted backwards and blocked by the gum.
According to the doctor, the angulation could be due to the growing wisdom tooth.
And because it could cause problems later on,
And the 6th and 7th molars are useful molars...
He gave me a deal.
I can consider a surgery to cut the gums that are covering the 7th molar,
And stitch it lower so that it will be easier to clean next time.
At the same time, if an X-ray shows that I do have a wisdom tooth,
Then I can remove it at the same time.
After that, then I can deal with the cavity.
Alright, bad enough it sounds horribly painful,
It will have to take S$700 bucks away.
Yes, it is expensive but I've decided to take the plunge,
Afterall, I don't want more problems to cost more money later on.
Why not just settle it once and for all?
But the dentist says: Go enjoy your Chinese New Year first!
I like my dentist 'cause he's funny.
A dialogue that went on today while cleaning my teeth:
Doc: Open your mouth bigger.
Me: *Stretches as big as I can*
Doc: Bigger!
Me: I have "ying tao xiao zui" can?
(Translation: I have small cute mouth.)
Doc: Sorry, you don't have lor.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pictures of us!

Our attempts of taking pictures...
The first attempt revealed the dark side of us...

The second attempt was better, but Serene wasn't ready.
She was complaining about the heat and this was what happened...

Finally after Serene looked more normal, but we thought we looked like retards.
So we decided to take another one.

And finally, the one we all loved, with Serene acting cute...
Love you girls!

Didn't feel like it

While I did have a great time out yesterday, it's past 12mn now,

I didn't feel like going home after that.

Home is not the home I feel for anymore.

I'm cleaning up messes that people left behind,

And not cleaning up means more messes for me.

What is this world coming to?

How come I don't feel like going home?

Valentine's Day

This year was different.

I had 2 dates.

One in the afternoon with Serene and RP for a swim,

A spa, steam bath and sauna and a manicure session for them.

Then it was off to meet someone else at city hall for dinner.

Initially we decided on eating subway sandwiches,

But I craved for pizza instead, but since there was a queue,

I settled for meatballs sandwich and a cookie.

Actually the cookie was the best part of the meal.

Ok, the best is yet to be.

Then it was off to the outdoor theatre at Esplanade.

There was a band jamming and they were singing love songs.

Free performances are of standard and quality too.

So try catching one of them, you might enjoy and go back for more.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Why do I just feel like moving out?

Why don't I feel like talking to you?

Why don't I even want to see you?

Maybe it'll be better if I went away for a while?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Inferior quality?

I've probably never felt so rotten before.

Then just let me be the rotten apple in your eyes,

And him the apple of your eyes.

I'll probably never be as good as you think of him,

As wise as him.

Just always a level lower than him.

All I want is just appreciation which I've never got,

Encouragement when I need which I never got.

Nothing in return but just 'thanks' after helping you which I NEVER GOT.

So why are you blaming me for not helping you,

And helping others?

That's because people appreciate what I do,

Unlike you who although know me for 20 years.

You said you are fair,

But you are NOT.

How come he never has to do the things that you FORCE me to do?

How come I get blamed for things he did as well?

Then I'll just quit school and earn money for you,

So that I will at least be more equally seen in your eyes.

How fair is that?

This is probably the first time I talked back,

That's because there's also a limit to my patience.

Probably things will turn for the better if I wasn't around in this world.

I'm sure you totally agree.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy little girl

Guess what?

I finally got a new phone and was given 50 bucks for my ex-darling to retire.

I love my new red phone with higher resolution.

*Grin grin grin*

What else can describe my euphoria, ok maybe too exaggerating,

But I'm happy.
Snack corner

Oh yes!

There is a snack corner in my kitchen,

It's my favourite out of the spaces in the kitchen.

Ta da!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pictures of my kitchen!

Here's a nice picture of my newly renovated kitchen!
And another!

MMR is over!

No more positivist or interpretive social science,

I nearly went bonkers from the posh sounding Mass Media Research (MMR).

I'm glad the exam is over.

Here's something to entertain you from the textbook.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Don't be offended

Sometimes people blast you off when they are frustrated,

And I didn't even in the least irritate them enough for them to erupt.


They fling you off with their words.

I apologize but still feel offended.

Someone tells me, "I think she's just frustrated, don't take it to heart."

As easy it may sound, it ain't so easy to get it off your mind.

People don't recover so quickly from an explosion,

Or rather, after getting your bones crushed to 24978253975 pieces.

I'll try to keep it low, but I bear grudges,

Sure I do for a long long time...
Escapism at Escape

It was off to escape theme park yesterday!

With 3 go-s on the go-kart, our favourite ride,

And the pretty new exciting rainbow!

I probably haven't smiled and laughed like that for such a long time.

It was a good break alright!

Of course not forgetting the girls whom I went with.

Then we had barbequed stingray, sambal kangkong ans satay at lau pa sat.

It's one of those days, the 'high' days.