Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Rewarded.

And hard, hard work pays off. Got confirmed, got praised, got some rewards in return. Slogging for my projects were not wasted. Leaving office late almost everyday wasn't unrecognized. Anyway, mum and bro thinks that the reward is actually compensation for what I have been handling. But seriously, I do a lot more work than the others in comparison. I'm sure no one would trade their accounts for mine.

I leave office late, but have to still come in early the next day to continue slogging. People who leave earlier than me come in later than I do. My monthly billings go up to tens of thousands and I'm handling it all alone. So you can guess the amount of work I have on my shoulders.

I'm still happy anyway. The fall on the office steps (giving myself a bruise on my knee) didn't matter after getting the news. So taking up the unpopular,difficult accounts isn't that bad after all. It's a trade-off.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why do you say things like that?

It's not about comparison between yours and mine.

I'm getting sick of hearing such things from you day-in-day-out.

Because it really sucks and drains everything out of me.

Can you just... Argh.
Last in the office, again.

Oh damn public holiday. It had to fall on the eve of my weekly meeting. Not helping when I have a meeting right smack in the afternoon, with tons of stuff to clear. So work went on and on until 9pm, until there was only me and mr boss in the office left.

I was talking to my boss yesterday, and I told him that it seems the 2 accounts I'm servicing are very unpopular accounts. And he concurred, what others have been hearing about the accounts are scaring them off. Plus the never ending work with little time to breathe.

Seems like it's always the peak period for me. I hope the lull comes soon, just two days, two days would be nice.

But work's okay, not being a bitch. I'm actually feeling good about work despite the busy-ness. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Work has been:

- Okay, it's just a job.

- Busy, but thank god for the help from boss.

- Tiring, I easily fall asleep every night.

- Making me look haggard from Wednesday onwards. I look fresh on Monday and it goes downhill until the weekend, and it all sets in again on Wednesday.

Been working non-stop while in the office, there is really no time to breath sometimes. Even the breather has to cut short over lunch to hit back the office earlier to clear my work.

I was slogging yesterday night till 9+ to prepare for a meeting today. Last person in the office, I hope it doesn't become a norm. And it was nice to get an appreciation message for slogging it out. It doesn't take a lot to type a few nice words but it really can make a difference. So yup, you are welcome. :D I'll do what's within my ability.