Sunday, October 25, 2009

Longest Slide Ever

Yesterday was supposed to be rest day, but in the end I joined the JC classmates to celebrate Ally's birthday instead. Little did I know they were going to the Kids Amaze place at Safra.

In the end, we climbed about the mega indoor playground like little kids, but as slow as slow pokes since we are older now. There was this little boy called Marcus who made friends with us and brought us around the playground, including showing us the winding slides and stuff. Here are the pictures...

Into Kids Amaze for only $5.35 for unlimited play!

The 9-year-old little boy who made friends with us.

Asia's longest slide of 18.9m! I was screaming my way down.

Wahaha... First straighten your legs, cross your arms across your chest and wheeeeee!

Now my muscles are aching from all the climbing about. But it was a good workout. I'm definitely heading there again.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My First Full Day At Work

My first half flew by with work to complete. Then came lunch, and by 4pm, I was gone. I kept yawning at the computer screen. Every time I looked away, I was fine. The moment I looked back at the screen, the yawns come. Like a few every minute. YAWN! :O

To commemorate my first full day, I did some good by going to the coffee shop opposite to buy my colleagues tea and buns at 3.30pm since I could no longer concentrate on what I was doing.

But hey, I clocked a decent amount of salary today. YES!

Tomorrow's my next full day followed by 2 half days before the week ends. Go, Esther, go! The pay is worth the effort. Oh how I love monetary rewards for my hardwork!

Monday, October 12, 2009

10 October 2009

It was graduation again! At posh Ritz Carlton Hotel with the family and love. But it's not gonna beat this for sure...


Layers after layers and finally the graduation gown. It was our lucky day that the sun decided to radiate some heat onto us on graduation day in Oklahoma!
Back to Blogging

After major happenings, it's back to the normal routine life. Well, he has left us. No more sufferings for him. May he rest in peace.

Tuition is taking a turn, I'm left with 3 out of my 6 students. 3 of them have finished their exams and I should not be tutoring them anymore next year. As for the other 3 students, I'm still considering.

I have now switched to working 3 half days and 2 full days. Besides the higher income, I would have more time to complete what is on my hands. This week, and the rest of the weeks to come, will be a more relaxing one, with only 3 tutoring days. No more tuition over the weekend, except for one 1.5 hour one on Saturday morning.

Seriously, work saps the energy out of you. When the day is about to end, I just can't do anything else, but just to want to sleep. Having said that, falling asleep after a long day usually ends up with a good deep sleep. A good seven hour sleep is better than a 10-hour bad sleep. So, no insomnia for now.

I should be blogging as regularly as I did from now on, if I don't fall prey to the sleeping bug.