Monday, January 29, 2007

Bored & sick

I'm suddenly getting bored & sick about everything around me.

1. My mum: who has the most unexpected mood swings

2. My brother: who sometimes have the weirdest thoughts on his mind

3. My dad: who keeps asking me the same things over and over

4. School: which is taking a toll on me

5. Tuition: some students are getting on my nerves

6. My blog: which looks like nobody visits, tagboard obsolete

7. Toastmasters: which I feel like I'm not appreciated for planning programmes

I'm just sick and tired of everything that seems to be going wrong altogether at the same time.

I think it's time for a break, to take a break from things.

So when's my break coming?

It doesn't help with the tedious MMR assignment that is never-ending.

I'm tired, physically and mentally and whatever-ally.

So don't trigger me off, I don't know what will happen.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wedding thoughts

Nope, it does not mean I am thinking of getting married,

But just thoughts after coming home from a wedding dinner,

The typical 9 course chinese dinner... Let's look at the menu first...

1. Double boiled birds' nest with ginseng

2. Variety Combination

3. Superior sharks' fin

4. Roast suckling pig

5. Abalone with sea cucumber

6. Fried scallops

7. Prawns with pineapple sauce + something else

8. Steamed promfet (fish)

9. Dessert: pastries + cakes

Right, I never had such sumptous wedding dinner before,

And I skipped the sharks' fin by the way.

Well, this is my brother's 'brother' wedding dinner,

And his wife's dad is someone with well, some power in public,

That explains the 'wow-ey' dinner.

Anyway, there was an animation and presentation of the couple,

How they met and the earlier tea ceremony.

As I watched it, I started to ponder...

I'm 20 this year, and single and available,

And grappling with issues such as love,

Trying to define it, which is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Nonetheless, it still seems so far for me,

And is marriage really the tomb of love?

Or is it the beginning of another chapter of love?

That's the grappling part.

My brother is getting married end of the year,

I can't help thinking of how married life would be like.

I just can't put down in words exactly how confused I am inside,

But marriage, at least now, seem to be as an joyous occasion.

Before I end, congratulations to the newly weds!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finally an update comfortably

It's a long time since my last update.

Well, I've only been home for 2 nights,

Since it was my exam on Friday,

Meeting up dear Serene on Friday night,

With tuition on Saturday morning and Kalyn's birthday at night,

And tuition again this morning,

This is the only time I have left to update before school starts tomorrow.

Well, see why I haven't been updating now?

My toilets are finally ready for use,

They look much better than my room.

Now that the kitchen's almost done,

With my whole house repainted,

I'm ready for the Chinese New Year!

I'll post the pictures when I have the mood to shoot my toilets and kitchen ok?

Meanwhile, please be satisfied with this post.
If you were looking forward to some juicy news about me having found a boyfriend,

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have one (yet).

It'll come soon, I guess, if you start introducing guys to me,

Which I will be eager to meet up.

Please recommend at least decent looking ones ok?

Although looks don't really matter, as people say,


(That's a nicer way of putting it, lar.)
Electronic media was fine,

With a lecturer who likes to tell us about his filming experiences as a cameraman,

Which he sometimes digress a lil' far,

But it makes the dry-material lecture 'wetter'.

At least there are stories to listen to,

Like how Singapore's Christmas Island was sold...

It's a pity.

Anyway, new module again tomorrow,

And I chanced upon the picture of our lecturer.

Well, he looks... friendly enough.

Let's see how things work out tomorrow.
It's nice to be home sleeping on my own bed again with my lovely pillow & bolster.

I've been sleeping better,

But it doesn't account for the lack of sleep since the start of the previous module,

I haven't had the chance and time to 'recover'.

I think I should sleep early tonight.

Good night everyone.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 to 2007

It was a good end to 2006 with my niece being born healthily.

But today wasn't a good start of the year after receiving news that my aunt (mum's sis-in-law) passed away.

She had cancer and was already on morphine for the past six months.

I'm glad each time I went to Malaysia, I would visit her and then wish her well,

Followed by a hug before I left - the last time I saw her was mid-2006.

I guess people come and they go, but it's pretty difficult to get used to sudden departures.

While my mum will be going to Malaysia for the funeral,

I can't 'cause school is starting soon though I hope I can go too.

It's New Year's Day and I really look forward to a better 2007.