Saturday, July 30, 2011


Just completed my fifth month. I have successfully taken over and handling what my predecessor used to helm, with some more added to my portfolio. My boss is "very pleased". I have no doubt. With the kind of difficult/troublesome/irritating clients I am awarded with, and the ability to manage them, I actually still can knock off on average at 7pm everyday. The trade off is exhaustion, praise and a promotion.

Now I actually don't mind taking on a new project, only if you take away the extra work that I'm doing for my client, which is supposed to be their job. The time can definitely be better used at servicing my other clients. Meanwhile, spare me. I'm almost filled to the brim day in day out. No more arrowing for a while, okay?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All is okay.

Things are going okay. Work had its lull, so it's back to busy-ness. Not to mention I was "awarded" with a new troublesome account/client and given another account to manage. So hurray to 4 accounts - 3 troublesome ones, 1 unknown yet. Potentially another is coming, and I'm starting to wonder if I would be able to cope. I'd just have to give up one or the other if I can't juggle so many balls at the same time.

While this could translate to the boss thinking that I'm worthy of handling troublesome accounts or he thinks I'm capable of handling certain types of accounts, I hope he gives me more interesting ones, although I'm well coping with the boring/dry text-heavy ones. But I guess that's my contribution - taking up unpopular/troublesome/difficult-to-understand subject matter type of brands and accounts.

Having said all these, I appreciate the boss' efforts in backing me up against these clients. It's one of the main things that keep me going. If he had left me to die out there, I might not have survived. Let me take all these as part of my training and learning curve. I have always started out the difficult way, and enjoyed the sweetness of my efforts later. It should turn out to be the same for this time too.