Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Blues

This makes me doze off... This is what I'm supposed to read and do a report on... Madness!

This keeps me awake, at least for a few pages.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Tagged Office Cubicle

With more pictures to come... That book, on the right, is the LKY memoir. Every cubicle has one copy.
Of Crazyness and Madness.

Finally, the day comes to an end, with my MacBook on my lap, me on my bed and blogging. It was just pure madness going to the market today, helping my aunts carry their harvests, and then coming home but walking around the house non-stop without a chance to sit for just 5 minutes because I was getting stuff for my aunts. But, they rarely come, so it is really my pleasure to make their short 3-day trip as comfortable as possible. So when there came a chance to nap, I did, for about 2 hours before getting ready to head for the housewarming party. 

It's Sunday, the final day of the weekend, and back to work soon enough. The time really passes faster when you are kept busy. Tomorrow is head-to-town day with the aunts and uncle. But first, I'm looking forward to dim sum. (:
It's Saturday!

After three days of almost menial work, now it's reading task! Well, a file with documents about the same thickness of LKY's memoir. I'm say just, at the 20th page or something. And then, the boss will test me on the content. I feel like I'm studying all over again, just that this time, it's about the pre-war, war, and post-war eras on how technical education has progressed. Oh well, when I get back on Monday, it's more reading...

Today is kor's housewarming party for the relatives. I shall be busy helping out with the cooking. Right now, it's rest and relax time...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Daily Routine

Half-day work has begun for the second day and I'm already getting into it like a routine. Wake up at 6.15am, get out at 7.15am, start work at 8.30pm, finish work at 12.30pm. Then have lunch, go for either my one or two sessions of tuition and then get home finally. Rest a while, have dinner, watch a lil' television, surf the net, and voila, sleep and the next day begins with the same cycle. Just 2 days and I'm feeling it.

Not very keen on staying up late because I'll wake up grumpy the next day. But here I am due to Toastmasters. After getting out of the bathroom, my long hair is still wet, and I'm feeling kinda fresh so am going to spend some time checking emails and blogging. Anyway, yesterday, which was my first day, after getting to my cubicle, I already found my cubicle tagged with my name. That means that they tagged my cubicle after my "chat". Nice.

I have to get to sleep soon, or I'll be yawning while having tuition tomorrow. Good night real world.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Chat.

I was called down for a chat aka interview as an Research Assistant at a up-and-coming museum. It was just a formality really. The outcome? This is an excerpt of the conversation between the two people who were there for the "chat".

Him: How's your Chinese?

Me: Can read, can write, can speak.

Him: Good.

Him to Her: I've got things to clear at my side. She (me) can team up with _______ and _______.

Her: Ok, I think that should be fine.

Her to me: You will work closely with __________, and you will be given specific tasks to do. I'll go get some forms for you to fill up. You got any questions?

Me: No, not at the moment.

Her: Ok, fill up these forms and return it to me. When can you start?

Me: Tomorrow.

Her: Tomorrow would be fine. I'll see you in the morning.

Just that this is not a full-time job since I'll only be working half-days due to tuition commitments. But hey, the pay's not bad.

Once again, I'm working at a place related to education...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Madness.

Saturday was dedicated to the career fair, an ice-cream chocolate fondue buffet and dinner with dear RP. Career fair was... pretty dumb. They still ask you to go to the website to read the job scope and apply online. So if we can do everything online, then why still have a career fair? Have a e-Career Fair instead! 

The ice-cream buffet was a one-for-one deal. But it's still not worth the trip and the money. You can't go beyond one round because the sweetness gets to you soon enough. There's only so much ice-cream that can go down the throat. So think twice before going to Swensens. Did I tell you where I went for the sweets buffet?

Dinner was better with regards to the food. First we had trouble locating Waraku at Marina Square. Then we had to wait 45 minutes for a table. Seems like the outlet let out too many reservations, leaving walk-in customers stranded and waiting for seats. Thereafter, we waited half an hour for our food to arrive when other customers who ordered later already got their food. Bad service. So next time you decide to go to Waraku, make a reservation and complain if necessary. Or boycott the one at Marina Square.

Today was supposedly drop off blessing bags day. We did, and then went for tea at the airport (well, not really tea since we had fried chicken), explored all terminals and then went home. Feels good to do some form of charity. I think it becomes addictive. We'll see if we wanna do more.

Tomorrow is a Monday. Something is going on. Update when the day is about to end. Monday oh Monday, here you come once more...

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 minus 1 equals 2.

Instead of 3 tuition sessions, the student last on the list today called to postpone since he is nursing a small cold. But at this rate, I'm very sure I'm not cut out to be a full-time tutor. Very sure.

So, dinner was fried chicky from kfc and seaweed shaker fries from macs. Yup, unhealthy food. 

Tomorrow's the career fair. I had some fun preparing the stacks of papers to drop them off tomorrow. Arranging and stapling and... ... We'll see how it goes.

This weekend is rare... Tuition-free weekend. But I look forward to a 5-day no life working lifestyle and indulging on the weekends. At least there's the stable income, and a regular routine. Keeps me disciplined and organized. Sounds like the army's for me huh? But nay. Yet, you'll never know where I might end up.

Meanwhile, the short term goal is to fully repay my education loan... Couple more grand to go...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay - Blogger Draft Saves the Day

Zillion thanks to Jo for recommending me to use draft blogger. At least my entries can look otherwise than a blob of green words.

Today was a day of 2 tuition sessions, but 3 awaits tomorrow. But for dinner, a few of us met up with Dr. Musselman for prata. Nice lil' chat - a mix of politics, daily stuff and the snippets of life.

Life goes on...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have decided to update even when Blogger's posting page is crazy. Otherwise, part of my life goes missing.

Things are as usual - the tuition sessions... that's adding up to 9 times a week over a span of 6 days. Money's coming in, as it is going out.

I'm now a almost regular shopper in jay-bee. The currency conversion is really to our advantage! Plus, it's so convenient to go there now.

I'm trying to spend more time on family, job hunting and things that I have been missing out due to commitments in Toastmasters. It feels great to be home more often with mum, and more time on my hands.

Next, I have a part-time job interview. It's part time because I can only commit part time for now. When tuition commitments end, then we'll see how it goes. Apparently, they are desperate for people. Oh money, here I come!

And nope, haven't been washing the toilet lately, so no complaints.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And so, blogger's posting page is still crazy.

But be careful of what you say to others, people. It will come back to haunt you.

In this world, it's the survival of the fittest...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh when is blogger's posting page gonna be okay?

And the usual tuition frenzy goes on...

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Life's Like That

Yes, Blogger's posting page is back to normal, I can change the font and colours of my entries.

Life's been like that. Just that it seems like other priorities are coming up. It does not help when people put pressure on me to change things that I have trouble changing around, something that I would not like to change for the next few months, or not serious enough for me to change anything. Just go away and stop bothering me. It's not like I'm not trying, I seriously CAN'T CHANGE, unless you want me to work till I fall ill, or bloody hell work to my death in my early twenties. If that's your wish, continue bugging, otherwise, just go away.

Finally also had some time to accompany mum on Tuesday - to explore Ion at Orchard, some window shopping. Something that we haven't done in a long time due to fucking unforeseen circumstances. I'm getting restless. Too many things are happening. I just want to give it all up and screw all other things.
What PERKS the bloody hell me up?

- Oil spills in the toilet and oily footprints on the floor and having to mop and scrub and clear up the mess within 20 minutes, while I prepare to get out to tutor. So I get out sweating like a fucking person in the hot sun.

- Dirty toilet bowl just because you don't take the effort to dispose what you need to dispose off properly. So I get to scrub the toilet bowl way late at night such that I get to use a clean toilet.

- Dirty sink because you don't use water to splash away stuff that you accidentally get on the sides of the sink. I get to clear up the mess and get detergent on my hands and contribute to the aged hands of an early twenties adult.

- Small stuff on the floor because you don't take the effort to NOT spill anything. So I step on sharp things and scream helluva fucking crazily and clean the house like I suffer from Compulsive Obsessive Disorder.

I hate what's happening now, I hate what you have said, I hate the way you say things, I hate your presence, I hate the mess you make, I hate it.



Monday, August 03, 2009

What Is Wrong With Blogger?

Nope, your FAQs are not working - I even upgraded my browser but I still can't see my posting tools here. I can't change the font or the colour of my words!

Bring it back!