Sunday, September 30, 2007

taken! TAKEN! TAKEN!

The man, the potential man, is attached.

I'm so rejected...


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another day out with RP!!

Finally I'm free on one Saturday to head shopping with RP...

First was to bugis...& our harvests: Earrings & new sox for hps!!

Then we headed to Orchard to shop more and to Fish & Co. to eat.
RP insisted on taking photos because once the food comes, I'll be too engrossed in wanting to eat.
We were hungry after shopping for 5 hours ok!

And then the food came.

As RP predicted, I wanted to tuck in when she halted me and made me take the picture of our seafood platter for two.

The prawns were GOOD, so was the fish, rice and fries.

Mussels too heavy, fried calamari's still better than this grilled one.

And then came the after picture...

RP knew I was so full that I starting stoning and she wanted a shot of it.

Then we went to Toys 'r' Us. RP wanted to buy some crazy things to put on her desk.

And the result? She took this picture which to me was a naughty picture.

What do you think those 4 things are doing?

And to end off the day, some ice-cream at hagen daz...

RP took so long to take the picture that the ice-cream started melting.

I shooed her off and started to dig in!! HAHA.

It's mixed berries + melon scoops.

The last time we went to Gelare. This time to hagen daz.

The next is to either Andersens' or Ben & Jerry's to complete the ice-cream parlour cycle.

Serene, come back quick!!

Friday, September 28, 2007


You know what? This week has been the argh week.

I've never been so hardworking to finish reading a 635-page book in 4 weeks,

Getting political systems into my head, and scoring an average of 10.67/9 for quizzes.

The 1.67 is extra credit.

I have never gone through lectures sleeping at 1am for consecutive nights,

Trying to squeeze out a report.

I really never so 'pia' before. But now I feel intelligent. (:
And the man, the potential man, argh!!

I feel so in lurve. Wahaha.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The cycle starts over on MONDAY

It's monday night, and I'm typing away trying to force some good sentences out.

Assignment is due on Thursday.

But halfway through, I think I need to let out some other words lest it ends up at the wrong place.

You know how the cycle of weeks go by?

It starts on a Monday, you struggle through the weekdays,

Then the weekend flashes by like _________,

And it's Monday again. How fast. Now, it's last week of September.

Weekends never seem to allow enough time for rest,

And fatigue sets in........................................

But some happy thoughts do set them off.

So think of happy thoughts, they simply make your day!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another weekend burnt

Another weekend flashed by, but this one's slightly different,

Both days were filled with rather meaningful events.

Saturday still had lectures, followed by PA's humourous speech contest finals.

Did not win, but I went home still with a trophy and feeling like a winner.

How many times do you get the chance to give a speech on stage?

Sunday still had tuition in the morning, some time to slack in the afternoon,

And had dinner at minister's house together with YEC people.

Heard some stuff about protectionism(economics), globalization & politics.

How apt, as what I'm studying now.

Had some good home cooked food of crayfish, prawns, sotong, broccoli and curry chicken.

And of course, I met another person, a man, a potential man.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Why do certain occasions, especially happy ones make you think of sad things?

Infatuation = love/hate relationship

There's always this love/hate thing when it comes to infatuation.

You love it because you are finally infatuated after some time. It feels good.

You hate it because you don't know how it will turn out.

And it's can see, no touch. You don't want unwanted things to happen...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Busy busy busy

This month has been a killer month,

With Toastmasters activities, contests and a new commitment...

Commitments thus far:

1) Studies/school
2) Tuition
4)YEC (Youth Executive Committee)
5) Friends

This month, I had a total of 3 contests over 3 consecutive Saturdays.

1st Saturday: PA Humourous Speech Contest Preliminary Rounds (got into finals)
2nd Saturday: Toastmasters International Area S1 Humourous & Evaluation Contest (didn't get in)
3rd Saturday: PA Humourous Speech Contest Finals

And new module starting soon.

Woo~ Busy ain't I?
Today was the Area S1 Humourous Speech Contest, the one I'm participating in.

Although many tell me that it is good to get the exposure,

I'm just disappointed in myself because I didn't win.

Now, don't we all enter in contests in the hope of winning? Well I didn't win this time.

I know I have high expectations of myself, thus greater disappointments each time.

Having said that, this is my first go at the humourous speech contest, good experience I must say.

But the BBQ with fellow toastmasters just now probably got me off the disappointment. (:
BBQ was great. Had fun. I love Toastmasters, Cheng San Toastmasters Club.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

One fine day...

It is rare for Esther to be home on a nice Thursday afternoon blogging away.

But here am I, at home sending out emails and busy typing away.

Well, the school holidays are here, and there's no relief teaching = no $$ ):

Anyway, my 'term break' once again is coming to an end,

And the next module's starting in about 2 weeks' time.

But I'm looking forward to it,

Because my result slip gave me booster jab. (:

And I'm proud to be at 226/635 -> if you have no idea, better buy your texts soon peeps.

Another half a day has passed, how quickly this year has passed...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What besties do with you...

My besties, one here, one in Australia...

We have almost nothing in common, except that we all like to have fun.

And these are the things we do together, what besties to together.

Besties are people who chiong Comex with you on Friday after a long day at work,

Have dinner together at HK cafe,

Spilt the dinner bill before ending the day with some strawberry sundae at Gelare,

At 10pm when the shop's about to close...

Besties are friends who share one ice-cream with you, because both of us are on low budget.

After a long Friday and reaching home late,
This bestie meets me up at City Hall again at 11.30am, with both of us late for 30 mins,
And then heading for lunch.

Besties are people who decide that it is more worth it to order two sets of lunches,
And share the food: deep fried pork, teriyaki chicken and some soft shell crab.

Then after some shopping, besties head to a stall which gives out free cotton candy...

And shares one pink fluffy cotton candy...

And of course, besties are friends who do crazy things with you...
Like taking the picture of cookie monster and me.

And then doing the vice versa.

Besties are also people who once again go to comex with you again the next day,
To accompany you to buy a printer, and giving you advice,
Before taking tired pictures of each other and blue-toothing it on the mrt home...
Well Serene, don't be jealous,
You can join us once you are back.
And we did not just go out,
We went around to search for your birthday present ok!