Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Date

Nope. Not that type. Just a dinner date. More specifically to pass him his birthday present that I got. But when it was about time to meet, it rained. It slightly dampened the spirit as we waited opposite Heeren for the rain to lighten with a cuppa coffee. (I don't drink coffee, he drank.) Then problem solved after a cuppa coffee with an expensive not-really-working 7-eleven umbrella that brought us to our eating place. That was when the conversation really started.

At least that lightened the atmosphere. It doesn't help much when I take a longer time to warm up to people as well. But it proceeded well. This gentlemen sent me home (not to the door step 'cause that would be too much) even though he lives on quite the other side of the island.

In any case, the weekend has ended. Back to work. Oh Monday, you are always so punctual.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gong Xi Gong Xi

As usual, CNY was spent over in Malaysia with the relatives. No questions about boyfriend or job. Yay. Gambling could last a straight stretch of 5 hours. Nett profit: negative RM4.

Was just sickening that the lack of sleep during pre-cny caused the cough to come on the 2nd day, which affected my singing performance at the karaoke session at night. Oh bother. But what the heck, it was all in good fun.

It was back to work yesterday. A slow relaxing day. Bosses not around, colleagues on leave, our firm is known to be "closed for cny" till next week. But today? I called in sick because I am coughing really badly. Woke up at 7am with a throbbing headache. Saw the doc, doc says to avoid fried foods. Why? Chinese New Year is all about the unhealthy foods! It's ok. I shall eat my medicine like an angel and recover quickly to indulge.

Hate the side effects of antibiotics. They bloody make my hands tremble. Irritating meds. Blah. A day's rest before surviving the Friday tomorrow and then yayness to the weekends!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Today I went to collect my transcript and certificate of my degree. When I sat on the bus, holding the envelope in my hands, I was suddenly filled with emotions. Flashbacks of how I endured lessons while tutoring almost about full time, how I sacrificed my weekends, and the days when I was back at OCU, roaming the campus in the wintry weather.

The effort put into readings, quizzes, assignments and exams paid off. I graduated with a high GPA with nice grades.

So close to 17 years of education, completed for now. A little reluctant to just let it go like that. But I guess everyone moves on in life. First major aim in life completed. Next to come... career...!