Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've Bounced Back

I'm almost back to where I slid off from,

Although the motivation is not at its peak,

At least it's not at its abyss.

Things are going well for now.

Interaction helps I guess.

Let's hope that this continues...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Reflection Time

Reflections are way overdue,

It's time to face the wall and think again (面壁思过,or rather 闭关).

In between has been a real busy and horrendous week with little rest.

Add in a new thing to juggle and,


Esther goes bitchy, clingy, cranky, crazy, whiny (and any other adjectives ending with 'y').

She loses her usual calm composure, and so does the other who has had a bad week.

Maybe we should let this pass first, have enough rest first,

Before coming to it again.

I admit I have been procrastinating about reflecting,

But someone hit me hard on the head and said,

"You know some things can't be procrastinated,

Go find yourself some time and think about it."

Well, I am thinking about it now, I still am.
Why do things become so complicated when you grow up?
Have you ever...

Reached a point where you lost focus?

You aren't sure what went wrong, yet you don't know what to do about it.

You don't feel suicidal but life seems meaningless.

Things start going wrong, and you feel depressed just about over everything.

The last time I remember reaching this point was amidst 'A' levels.

This is the 2nd time.

Don't come to me and start providing me with solutions,

Because I am aware that this is just a passing phase.

I'll be glad if you just acknowledge your presence as someone who cares. (:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Routine life

You know how sometimes life becomes a routine?

Wake up, eat, work, study,work, eat, sleep.

It gets tiring sometimes, and you just need a break from everything.

I guess my body calls for one, a break away from Singapore.

Monday, April 21, 2008



It was...

- Comfortable

- Nice

- Soothing

Just about what I like.

Saturday, April 19, 2008





Monday, April 14, 2008

My 21st birthday

About an hour and 10 minutes more before 14 April passes.

I'm 21 and moving on.

It's really hard to believe when you reflect back,

And you realize that you've been through 21 years.

Suddenly the emotions come flooding in,

And there's this flashback.

Suddenly I become an adult, as defined by the law!

But on the other hand,

It feels great to throw a huge birthday bash.

Indeed fun, tiring, with an exploding guest list of 60.

As excited as I was, the bash seemed to just pass as I was busily entertaining guests.

The truth sinks in at the end when I gave my birthday speech.

I must say the cleaning up was horrendous.

But yeah, once in a lifetime!

If you were wondering about presents,

Well, I've got them in pictures,

Just that I haven't put it up yet.

For now, have fun with the birthday bash pictures.

Be sure to start from the bottom up, because it's in chronological order by post.
Personal feelings.

Really grateful to mum who brought me up single-handedly together with kor kor.

And to kor kor who was always there for me.

I also count my lucky stars for having known great friends and Toastmasters.

To those who came,

I appreciate your presence and your well-wishes.

To those who couldn't come,

I also appreciate your sms-es and well wishes.

It makes a difference.

Thank you so so much.

Yes, indeed, I'm a lucky girl.

To many better years to come.

21, here I come!
Photos of love & emotion...

A kiss for mummy!

Preparing to kiss me...

Da sao and kor kor kiss me!

Heh heh...

Birthday speech up next.

Emotional, emotional...

Everyone listening...

Listening attentively...

Getting emotional...

And the speech begins...

And it starts will all smiles...

Thanking people for coming.

Before tearing...

And more tearing...

Fanning myself to cool down first.

And it continues...

People listening and smiling.

The speech must go on!

And it continues...

The hugging frenzy!

The mum getting emotional...

And people clap!

Say hi to the camera!

That's the end of the photo sesssion.
The lighting of the cake + the birthday song!

Kor kor lighting cake for me.

2 candles up!

Last one!

Er... again...

The birthday song!

I can see you whether you got sing or not...

Good, good. Everyone singing so far...

Great, mouths all open!

Hmm... (:

Good good, nobody tried not to sing...

The birthday girl in the limelight.

Happily listening...

Make a wish... Can't tell you what is it.

Posing for photo shot...



Cut cake!!

Cut somemore.

Cut more, cut more!

Almost done!

Yay, cake distribution!

Next upcoming, the birthday speech.

I intended to put it here, but it's gonna be too long.

Just for clarification purposes,

I spoke first before singing the song.
Cake, pictures and pictures galore!

My 3.5kg vanilla cake sponsored by kor kor and da-sao.

Nice right?

Da-sao, mum, me and kor kor...

Yee cheong, sai sai yee, Kenn, ah yee, mum, me, kor kor and da-sao..

Getting people to take pictures with me...

The Gan family of Yvonne, Swee Yi, Kim Oh, mum, me, kor kor and da-sao.

Bestie Rui Ping & me. Too bad Serene's not around.

Swim bud (Silas) & me. Now you finally can see his face.

The swim bud unrevealed!

0612A, my uni classmates, the fun bunch.

Two pictures, just in case...

Another one preparing for candid shot.

Still deciding! Wait lah!

Ok, decided. Actions communicated!

Ready everyone?

And a picture with the sign!

Another candid shot...

The next action! Say hi to the batmen & batwomen in class!

Ta-da! Nice one eh?

The Jalan Kayu gang...

The Toastmasters!

Everyone who wore PINK!

The exploding shot!

60 people... one great celebration.

Wait, this is not the end of photos.

This is before singing and cake cutting,

Next upcoming is the process of giving my birthday speech.