Friday, April 27, 2007

Dad's Condition


I went to see dad after his surgery at 2+pm,

He looked alright, he survived it, but he wasn't awake.

Everything went well, so he's gotta be in the icu for observation at least for that night.

Throughout that night and the next morning, no calls,

Means everything's aye ok!

Friday... (Today)

Went to see dad after babysitting, he was awake!

He could talk, drink and eat though he vomits.

His face was radiant, didn't look like he had a major heart operation.


He's sleepy though.

But due to the lack of beds, he gotta stay in icu for another day.

He'll be transferred to somewhere else tomorrow.

I shall be visiting dad again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The real thing

My dad's surgery is tomorrow.

I met him today, we haven't met in a long long time.

We went together to get his admissions done,

Then we went for lunch.

For once, I saw myself in my dad.

Over lunch, he told me that all operations come with risks,

Though it is a common surgery, we must be mentally prepared.

He said something that made me weep all the way home.

He said, "If I make it then ok, if I don't then I'll be seeing you for the last time."

Tears rolled down at once.

Not only mine, but his.

Sometimes it's not that I want to be pessimistic,

But I just can't help it.

I couldn't concentrate on my speech or Toastmasters today.

Each time somebody asked me what's wrong, I felt like crying.

Let me get through tomorrow and I'll be better.

My dad says to go do my own stuff and not worry,

But how not to worry?

Even considering what happened before, I still have your blood in me.

I still want to see you live of course.

I can't wait for 12.30pm tomorrow.

I'll see you then, dad.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Out with RP again

I've been RP almost everyday this week.

That's because we are both free and staying near each other,

So it's always out to the heart-land malls along the North-South Line from Yishun to Woodlands.

It has been a hectic week though without school.

What else is there other than tuition EVERYDAY to murder me?

I'm tired, really tired. Can't imagine when school starts.

Anyway, it's another babysitting job tomorrow and $$ rolling in.

Time is money eh?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random post

While poor Serene studies for her exam today,

RP and I went out!

It was lunch & shopping at Junction 8,

Followed by more shopping & dinner at Novena.

Just RP and me. (:

Serene Serene, don't get jealous.

Your time will come when you come back,

But because you need to meet so many other people,

You don't have the time to meet us up more.

Too bad.

RP & I decided not to spite you today 'cause your exams are coming.

We will post our photos on Saturday, the last day of your exam.
I saw an sms from my brother this morning to return him a call immediately.

He also mentioned that he would answer even if he was teaching.

Fishy eh?

What could be so urgent?

Having woke up early at 8am because I had to tutor at 9am,

I called and it was indeed URGENT.

My dad was hospitalized and was due for a heart surgery.

My heart suddenly stopped beating for the moment.

It's bad enough I don't meet him a lot, something like 3 times a year or less?

And now bad news come.

So I was supposed to meet dad with bro at the hospital because my dad wanted to tell us some stuff.

In the end, an afternoon call came and my dad said no need to meet already.

Since I was at Novena in the evening, I thought I'll pop by to check out what's happening.

I saw an Indian man instead.

Nurse said dad's been discharged in the afternoon.

A call came just not too long ago, it was dad.

He said he postponed the surgery.

We are meeting in May before he goes for the surgery.

Well meanwhile, let's hope he'll be okay.

Dad is so near yet so far.
I bought a nose pack cream that's supposed to remove my blackheads.

It did.

S$11.90 didn't go to waste.
I'm still worried for my dad.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thank you Serene Chan!

Serene sent me a parcel containing my birthday present.

I was initially shocked to see this big fat envelope in my mailbox with this bright orange sticker.

For a moment, I wondered whether it was sabotage.

But it was a nice surprise, Serene!

Thank you.

Here's my way of showing my appreciation!


Monday, April 16, 2007


Pictures on 14 April at the speech contest...

My brother getting his trophy...

The Audience at AIA Changi...

The Cheng San Toastmasters supporters!

My brother and me...

My brother and me again with his certificate...

The next stop at Annalakshami at Chinatown Point for dinner....
As I quote Shuling, "Glutton in the making."


Our chatting cum makan session, can you find me?

The next stop at Swensen's with my ice-cream cake surprise.
It was my first ice-cream cake.
They saw me in the cake, hence the clown.

Making a wish... The wish is a secret though.

My appreciation speech...

That's me again...

My brother's appreciation speech...

Me at twenteen and my cake.

A happy twenteen girl who enjoyed herself...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Candid picture
If you haven't seen me in contact lens, well here's your chance.

My nicey niece, Fiona posted my picture on her blog to wish me happy birthday.

I didn't know of that pic.

Anyway, here's the picture.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pleasant surprise!

Today's officially my birthday, so let me blog before the day just zooms past.

I still had tuition in the morning, but later on...

I went to support my brother in his speech contest,

He did well and came home with a trophy.

After that Cheng San toastmasters went for dinner at annalakshami at Chinatown Point,

And I had a suprise cake at Swensens!

Didn't expect the ice-cream cake, but pleasantly surprised.

Appreciate the effort and thoughts.

*Will post photos of them later*

I'm 20 as of today,

I must say I have matured over the years (obviously),

And yeah, the teen-age is over.

But 20 is a nice number though...

Friday, April 13, 2007


Alrighty, I'm known for always being infatuated.

Serene and RP knows it best.

I'm gonna announce who and their pictures here.

You're right, it's THEIR pictures, so it's more than 1 person...

Enjoy the pics!

This is Ty Pennington, team leader of Extreme Makeover: Home edition

His fellow design team member, Michael Moloney, whom I enjoy looking at as well.

Another pic of Michael.

So yeah, what's your opinion?

Less than 30 mins to my birthday

This year's more special 'cause I'm hitting the big '20'.

Tomorrow's supposed to be submission for my grad proj,

But Cheryl & I decided to hand in today instead.

And poor us gotta get wet in the rain just to get that darn papers in.

Things got betta as Cheryl treated me to lunch 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow!

Thanks Cheryl!

Both of us got stuck in Spotlight for a loooong time later,

Cheryl got her scrapbooking stuff,

And I bought some beads to make my own choker.

Girly stuff.
Please flood my tagboard with birthday wishes tomorrow?

Lalalala... It's a sunny yellow banana day.

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah...

My report of 5000 words is complete and ready to hand in!

It has been a gruelling time although I had a lot of time to do it.

The constant pressure of it made me sick and sian and sleepy.

No words can describe how I feel now.

So I would like to thank

(Ok, I know it's lame.)

Anyway, another babysitting's job coming in!

Time table for degree programme is out.

It's 6 days a week. Yikes.

Good thing: It's all afternoon lessons.

Bad thing: Tuition's gotta move.

You know what, my school adminstration system's screwed up.

I paid my damn 5 digit school fees and it didn't even send me some form of acknowledgement.

Had to call and grill for it.

I can't afford another 5 digits you know.

Or else I've gotta tutor 7 days a week 2 students everyday then.

On a lighter note, GP's 1/2 done.

It's only the presentation left.

Countdown: 1 day to '20'

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm known to be hardworking,

But the real me : Procrastinator.

I dare to only start studying the day before my exams,

Try to finish and perfect my assignments the day before the date line,

And even prepare my TM speech on the morning before my speech at night.

But... I'm glad to say I managed to overcome a lil' and my GP is 3/4 complete.

And it's a wonder, what am I doing here blogging while my GP is still unfinished?

Hmm...I'm not trying to make excuses but my head really hurts that I just wanna sleep.

The mucus' still flowing though.

Take pity on me?
Countdown: 3 days to '20'

Monday, April 09, 2007

The $$ is rolling in

*Does a lil' tap dance*

You know what's the best thing about tutoring?

It's when the kid improve and when the money starts coming in altogether.

It feels good to have money in my hands for that lil' while,

Before putting it to the 'school fees account' and the 'allowance account'.

But finances have been kind to me this month,

I've been babysitting and tutoring so I can splurge a lil' more.

Sometimes when I start thinking of May,

I think of the textbooks we need to buy,

And the pending US trip.

ARGH, how come this is taking up so much $$?
Early celebration

Yesterday was family dinner out at Sakae to celebrate my birthday.

No presents yet, other than a gift card from Regina, my brother's gf from Op.

Countdown: it's 5 days to my birthday.

And it's up to TWENTY.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Getting slightly betta

I think it's the self-medication and the few hours of sleep today,

I can finally breathe better, at least both nostrils are working.

It's good friday tomorrow, anybody want to date me?

I'll be free after 1pm after my tuition though... (:

Alright! My beloved RP just said yes.

Too bad for you Serene.

*Snigger snigger*

Oh yeah, I can start looking out for my birthday present.

Anyway it's 9 days to my birthday! *Hint hint*

You've probably never seen me like this before,

But crankiness possesses me once in a while.

And this is the while.

I'm suffering from a cold, can't breathe properly, only one nostril breathing.

My brain feels overloaded with mucus, my nose is red from blowing.

My eyes look watery but they feel dry, my voice is muffled.

I'm not sleeping well.

And on top of all these, I still need to tutor and do my assignment.

It's fine with my students...EXCEPT for the one mentioned in the previous post.

I'm just afraid I'll lose my temper tomorrow.


On a lighter note, went shopping with mum today.

Main purpose was to get her her birthday present and hers fall in May.

She's not working so it's a good day to go out.

Her present: a crocs slipper from marina square.

Well, it did cost $68.20.

Ask me why I'm generous enough to spend that amount on my mum than on other things?

Simple, she brought me up.

And I don't want to regret not spending enough time with her.

So it's family before almost everything else.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's!

It's the start of a month again,

And it's when all my $$$ comes in (:

Anyway, I need to rant...

I have this p2 student whom I'm gonna meet for the 7th time tomorrow,

Is getting on my nerves.

She doesn't talk, except when she needs to read,

She points to answer my questions,

Doesn't like to do my work,

Doesn't do my work,

And has an attitude.

It's a she btw.

She seems to have elective mutism, now known as selective mutism,

Where she chooses NOT to talk.


I'm gonna speak to her mum tomorrow,

If this persists, then I'll stop teaching her.

This $170 is hard to earn...