Thursday, July 31, 2008


Aiya, missed blogging yesterday. Well yesterday was a family day out. Accompanied mum to the Singapore Garden Festival. There was one held 2 years back. The garden landscapes were good, but the orchid show, rather boring. Still, worth a trip there lah.

Thereafter was shopping!!! Since it was a Wednesday afternoon, shopping malls were kinda quiet. And of course, new season of clothes were out. Almost every shop I entered had something that caught my eye. Just that I wasn't really out to shop that day, and I had no budget for shopping as well. In the end? Got a top for S$19.90 and mum paid for me. (:

Later at night was dinner with kor kor and da sao. We went to this cozy Aglio Olio at Temasek Towers. They serve pasta of HUGE PORTIONS. I ordered a seafood tomato base spaghetti, and I couldn't even finish half of it. If you go there one of these days, share one plate with your friend. Oh, and did I mention their soup of the day was great? The chicken with vegetable soup was really creamy, unlike those watery ones you get at western food stalls. So worth another go, but I think I'll stay away from pasta for a while...

As usual, the day ends with a phone call. But I was still kinda fresh, so played sudoku till it was 2am before the day ended.

And so the sleep cycle gets disrupted. Only managed to drag myself outta bed at 12 noon today. After some household chores, I was rushing to get out for tuition. More motivation today since it's pay day as well!! Also, the reward card that we got at ichiban boshi was expiring today. So RP and I went to indulge and redeem our S$10 voucher and a california handroll.

Oh yes, thank you RP for the macademia (did I spell it correctly?) nuts, chocolate bar and nougats all the way from Australia. I'll enjoy them slowly. Ah, I'm looking forward to a day of breakfast with donuts and a morning message. (:

One more day to Saturday. Yahoo!

Good night everyone. May you wake up with a good morning greeting as well.

I'm getting more vocal nowadays. It's the hormones, and it's you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Last Minute Thing...

Come on. I'm not here for you to call one hour before a meeting expecting me to turn up. I don't even know where the meeting's held. Nor am I here for you to send an email yesterday night expecting me to read it yesterday and turn up for the meeting tonight. You can HOPE for me to go, but I'm not going. If you were really sincere in wanting me to appear, you'd have the courtesy to at least inform me earlier. Don't tell me you got my email address wrong. You could have called me.

Good luck with the meeting without the female emcee!

And so, the meeting yesterday night was canceled AGAIN. Well Ms. Area Governor, you can't please everyone, there will always be someone who can't attend the meeting. Happy pushing it backwards again and again ya? I've done it twice by reserving slots for your meeting, so no more.

On a lighter note, the cancellation of the meeting meant there was an impromptu meet up with him since it was nights-out for him. Actually I was feeling listless after tuition and area council meeting got canceled. The day felt wasted. Since something better was coming my way, it was an hour's journey to Boon Lay for a 2-and-a-half-hour meet up before an hour's journey back home? Yes yes, pretty rare of Esther to do such things, but oh well, few people are worth the effort and time.

Funny how things went with hands and arms brushing against each other while walking, standing close to each other in shops yet nothing goes beyond. It's frustrating, yet sweet. How many relationships did such things happen? Usually it just accelerates. So on our side, enjoy such awkwardness when it still exists. As you said, haste will only make waste.

This morning, had a swim session with RP. Could only do 8 laps with the 3 weeks lapse since I was sick.

Last check: 46.5 laps

Current check: 54.5 laps (+8 laps)

FYI, one lap for me is 100m, that's 2 "laps" up and down. So current distance stands at 5450m. (:

I'm now charred, chao ta-ed. Seriously tanned. Haha. I like my healthy glow though.

Oh, oh! It is indeed a fine day, Mr. Good Morning. (:

4 more days to Saturday!! Heh.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I used not look forward to weekends, not that I dread them, but I tutor on weekends, just like weekdays. Feels the same as any other day. Somehow now I have something to look forward to on weekends, even if it's for a few hours. (:

Right, I'm bored and I can't get to start on my assignment so here I am blogging. Tuition's canceled apparently because my kid has a stomachache today. There's still area council meeting tonight but it's fine. Since it's in town, I might get some cookies from famous amos, been craving since I was coughing like mad. It's quite rare that I'm blabbing like that. You can more or less guess how bored I am.

It's only Monday. Only Monday. 5 days more to Saturday. Cool, impatience is creeping up on me. I'm running out of things to say. Shall go and occupy myself by conquering levels of taiko drums. 咚咚咚
Start Your Day Well!

Let's see, a good night's sleep till noon,

Followed by a cup of english breakfast tea with butter biscuits in front of the tv,

Topped up by a sms at 5.52am.

What more to ask for than a good start on a monday for the long week ahead?

That's why, never underestimate the power of a simple greeting.

It can make a difference.

Just one of those simple pleasures of life.
After a hiatus of 3 weeks or so,

I finally managed to catch the 2nd last episode of Solitary v 2.0 yesterday night at 12.30am.

And of course catching up on some "me time".

Perhaps more of "me time" tomorrow.

A movie on my own, again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grades Galore

Results are out once again. This time much faster. Well, results are as expected, did relatively well. At the upper end of the bell curve, but could do better I guess. Ok, I sound depressed. Probably disappointed because when I told my mum I got my result, she didn't bother to ask further. Maybe because he is around. If you don't bother, it's alright. I can throw confetti above my head and wave poms poms for myself.

Here it is mum, I'm averaging A- for the past few modules despite my busy hectic schedules. Don't ask me why there's a minus sign at the end, why can't you say, "A job well done!"? Be proud that I'm averaging A-, instead of asking why I didn't score an A. Fuck.

Sometimes, it becomes depressing. I'm out to score, I'm not out to just pass. I'm ace-ing. Why can't you be happy for me? Yes yes yes, go ahead and spend the little time you have with him. I'll still sticking out there well, on my own.

And to myself, I think you did well with juggling so many things. Keep it up. I will be proud of you when you finally wear your graduation robe and mortar board. You deserve more than just a pat on your back.
Best-est Thus Far

Finally and finally, I found someone (and vice versa) who has the same likings for dates as me - exploring places. Yesterday was a great start to exploring unique places other than just the usual: restaurant-dinner-movie-shopping-go home-date.

So yesterday, after hanging around at Jieyi's steamboat dinner birthday celebration, he and I went to Terminal 3, as decided earlier. We explored every level of the airport, like children going "wah" at new places, turning heads here and there trying to capture every visual element. Even there was this silence, the absence of conversations, it felt right. It was just enjoyable walking around together, basking in each other's company.

We took lifts and escalators, different ones for the experience, like we've never seen them before. Wow-ed at the departure hall because the nice Gelare restaurant was in there, so were the nicer shops. Until we were done with the discoveries, we went for a second-round meal at Popeye's, which I was very eager to try.

Crowded and crowded it was. Chewy chicken strips, crispy cajun fries with tons of chili sauce and plain biscuits with strawberry jam. Increasingly the meal had its oiliness effect on us and we adjourned to sitting areas for a long chat till the expensive cab-fare ride home at midnight.

The highlight of it all? The ability to just be ourselves comfortably. I get hyped up each time I reflect back on this particular date probably because I never had it like that before, a pure innocent date where it's enjoyable and pleasing.

Guess what, typing about it sets a smile on my face. (:

More and more of such dates to come!

Friday, July 25, 2008

How do you know?

How do you know if he or she is the one? Just caught me by chance
again while browsing blogs. I've seen people going into courtships, couples getting married, couples getting divorced. In the midst of all these, I wonder if he will be/is the one.

Will he be the one I'll live with for the rest of my life?

Will he be the one that I CAN live with for the rest of my life?

Will he even be the one I can't live without?

Sometimes the questions make courtships all the more mysterious, all the more scary yet exciting at the same time.

It just creates never-ending questions that I become so unsure myself.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In the midst of stuff...

I was getting busy with tutoring and all of a sudden my mind went blank. He came into my brainwaves when suddenly 'pop!', my mind gets back to work without much effort. I wonder how he's doing yet I don't really mind the absence of him nor his voice. You can kinda say he was on my mind, but I wasn't really missing him. Haha. It's complicated.

When I'm traveling home and hands free, it's not like I scramble to want to leave a message on his mobile nor is there this intense want to hear his voice. But I'm looking forward to meeting him this weekend.

In the afternoons, I wondered if your mind also went blank for a few seconds and I was thought of. These nights without the late night chats, I could still fall asleep with ease and wonder if you're asleep and sleeping well.

We are getting to know each other that bit by bit.

It's a blossoming friendship, and I like it this way.

*Haha, mushy stuff not at its highest point yet. Are you shivering yet?*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Morning

"Good days start with good mornings.
Good mornings start with a nice heart warming greeting first thing u wake up. =) "

Things that put a smile on your face the moment you open your eyes. (:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough

After coughing for the past one week and a dosage of antibiotics,

Still coughing.

Saw the doc another time, changed the type of treatment.

I was feeling better today until I got agitated.

Really irritated and blood boiled,

That now I'm back to coughing non-stop.

Look at how people are mending up your shit hole near midnight.

*Cough cough cough cough cough*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Blues

It's a Monday, supposed to have tutorials today.

I went, met the elf and the wolf for breakfast and off to tutorial.

The classroom was changed, the tutor was late,

And when the tutor came, she asked if we had any questions.

Since she is a different person from our lecturer,

And she's not grading my paper, why would I consult her on my assignment,

And risk being confused?

So I sat around for about an hour and left together with elf.

How fruitful.

Not going for next 2 tutorials, I'd rather be at home trying to recover faster.

Heck the tutorials.
On a lighter note,

It's really amazing to get about 5 or 6 different versions of good morning sms-es.

But really I don't reciprocate the sweetness a lot,

Perhaps it's a good thing I'm not as expressive huh?

But we are on our way to exploring new frontiers and possibilities.

I am up for it.

Another chapter of a romantic novel begins.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Coughs & First Date

Despite my ailing cough, I decided to meet up for dinner.

After sneaking away from COT, it was a day out at City Hall.

Dinner went well at ichiban boshi,

Everything went well till my never-ending bout of cough came...

According to the timer, I coughed continuously for 20 minutes. Haha.

And so the guy sent me home after that in a cab.

Seriously, I met up with a guy not in my tip top condition and there was no awkwardness at all.

Good hitting it off for the first time.

Great stuff. =p

But it was still a nice date nonetheless.

Promise next time I'll be a better conversationalist, without the sore throat and coughs.

Till then!

Really great stuff. Hee hee.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Last day of Research Methodology Lecture!

Wahaha, we got our class jerseys, so it was class jersey day!

This is ELFY and me. Elfy's my table mate, she sits beside me in the first row.

My ultimate group work mates! We are famously known as BLOP! Inc.

And infamously known to always present first and set the bar standards high.

Of course, after some hard work, we have our crazy times!!

As you can see, one type of picture can have many versions... That's typical of our class.

Here's the football team of BLOP! Inc.! Cool hor?

I told you got many versions already...

And version no. 3...

Oh oh, this lecturer requires us to have name plates in class.

And it's up to our creativity how we want to decorate them.

The best ones get a prize.

Because my lecturer didn't know how to choose, he took a shot of all name plates.

And decided that he will go the art faculty back in campus to help him with the judging.

My mirror image of no. 15...

Class picture!

Candid shot..

Dr. J. and us!

You know, what seemed to be intimidating after reading the course syllabus seemed otherwise.

In the end? We got a Dr. J who could make research methodology fun and interesting.

In fact I think no one dozed off in class.

That's what you get, a lecturer who has been in the teaching line for 3 decades.

Oh yes, I can differentiate between my other right and other left now!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today marks day 9,

Last day of lectures.


No more daily readings every night and quizzes every morning.

But I'll miss Dr. J though.

It's always when we start getting bonded to the lecturer that the lecture ends.

Well well, research methodology ain't really that scary as it is.

It can be pretty fun as well, with BLOP! Inc. of course.

On a sickly-ier note, I'm officially sick and voiceless.

I probably worked too hard over the last week and didn't get to rest over the weekend.

Now my throat is sore, my ears hurt and I communicate using hand signals.

And did I mention I cough till my stomach hurts?

BAH. I wanna get well soon!

For now my eyes wander about as I type, prolly due to medications.

Oh yes, will post up photos of cam-whoring as soon as my beloved classmates put them on facebook.

Till then!

It's a rest day tomorrow!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Drag...

It's the 5th day into research methodology and,

VIOLA, headaches come.

Sleeping at 2am and waking up at 6.30am?

Bad bad timings.

Really I don't mind the daily mcq quizzes but,

It seems like the more I read, the lesser I know about research,

The more difficult it is to formulate a research plan.

Okay, perhaps research isn't my cup of tea.

A practical lesson on field observation today got us counting people at the mrt station,

From reading maps to using wide gate gantries.

Not fun, even if it was observing for a mere 20 minutes. GAH.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no lessons on SATURDAY!

But a packed weekend isn't quite welcome actually,

Especially with irritating people bugging you.

On a lighter note,

Reading a nice sms first thing in the morning when you open your eyes,

Can be really sweet. (:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I just realized I haven't updated in a while considering how often I update my blog.

Ah well, the week before school was packed with tuition, meeting up with people,

And preparing for my new term as president.

It's 2 days into the new module and it has been slow moving...

The every morning quiz is fine, I'm don't mind them actually.

But the readings are high and dry. \:

For extra credit, I will read till my eye lids drop!

It's hard to get up in the mornings but really I prefer morning lessons,

It leaves me with more time thereafter, and time for cat-napping as well.

Lecturer's all white haired and bearded,

And kicks the table in a stylo-mylo way thinking that the projector can be lit up that way.

But lessons are alright so far, not extremely interesting nor fun.

Just slow moving with information overload!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


In my attempt to stay away from the computer more often,

Because sometimes I sit down in front of it for hours clicking randomly,

I've started to do things I used to do in the past.

For example: watching tv, picking up a book to read, sitting in the living room, getting due exercise!

That's why I'm back to swimming my laps,

And you see me less often online!

Besides, I've been actively bringing my dogs for walks and training them on my ds... HAHA.

Sometimes it's good to be away from the computer,

Other things get your attention,

And suddenly you get reminded of how enjoyable simple pleasures can be. (:

Today, or rather yesterday,

I did 2 things on my own.

First, add 10 laps to the swim clock.

Last check: 36.5 laps.

Currently: 46.5 laps.

I went swimming on my own again.

Since there was no one to talk to at the end of the pool,

I kinda completed my laps really quickly.

My next swim session, I shall complete 12/15 laps,

Depending whether I have the mood, or if I can tahan swimming zig zag...

Then later in the night,

I decided to catch Sex & the City.

Most people have already caught it so I thought I could try watching it alone.

One screening on Tuesday at 9.10pm,

Went to see it, at S$6.50,


At first it felt a little weird that I was munching popcorn on my own,

Everyone else had someone to accompany them.

But after a while, it was a pretty good feeling.

I was actually spending time with myself,

I could concentrate on the show much better.

By the way, it's my first time watching a movie alone in the theatre, as in without anyone accompanying me...

When I was on my way home,

I thought I could probably do this more often.

Sometimes, solitary is not all that bad.