Sunday, July 25, 2010


And so all the previous rants of wanting to leave, I've decided to stay. At least for a while more. I will be patient and exercise my list of gratitudes everyday so I survive, and be happy.

I want to blog more, but sometimes I just wanna sleep and blog tomorrow.

Anyways, 3rd funeral in a year. Argh, the natural cycle of life and death. Mum's elder bro passed away, so flying off for a day to pay my last respects.

My eyes are tired. *.* Good night.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attempt to Post

I thought it was not as late as I thought, but my thoughts were shattered when I rolled my eyeballs to see the clock on my laptop. Bah, what the heck, I thought I'd just blog a little to keep the cobwebs away.

I'm still there, in my job, haven't hopped. Taking every opportunity I've got to make the hop. I hope the hop comes soon.

The tint of happiness/satisfaction in this job comes from a feeling. A feeling that only people can give me, and it's not within my control. Need to break away from that. Am I making sense to you? Just has to when I re-read this. You can skip this paragraph.

So eager, so eager to hop hop hop.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Weekend Loot from JB

Over the weekend that just passed, Mum and I went to JB to shop once again. Of course we brought the Husky Wolf and the Elf along this time, since they haven't gone there before...

It was a shop till we drop session for mum and me. In total, I spent RM150-ish on my stuff. Considering how much I bought, it's definitely worth it.

The LOOT in plastic bags!


Recent Happenings with the Bestie!

After a hiatus of two weekends or so, we finally met up. First up to a karaoke session at Party World!

There, meet the bestie!

Then while I was singing a rather sad song, the bestie took a picture of me, somemore ask me why my face so 苦...

So posed one smiling one for her lah.

Then over the next weekend, we conquered Wild Wild Wet! Not bad considering how small it is. We were both tanned. And the bestie got sick the next day. -_-

More bonding with the bestie. Speaking of that, Miss Darling Serene has been missing out. She's back but still we don't hear or see her. Oh well...