Monday, August 15, 2011

Frustration Vent Required.

Don't say I agreed to something when I did not.
You are putting words in my mouth and being unethical.

Don't try and play dirty and put the blame on us.
When you are the one who can't do project management.

If you committed something internally and can't deliver, don't point fingers at us.
We did not commit/agree to a time in the first place.

If you can't take no for an answer, too bad.
Because I don't have to agree with you.

If you can't manage a project, I feel sorry for you.
Especially if you are new, and trying hard not to screw up.

I never had such problems with your colleagues before.
So when it happens when you come in, then we don't have to say very much what's wrong.

Be defensive all you want, the world is looking.

I won't play punk and screw up stuff for you, but please at least be ethical.
People of all sorts.

One of my clients is going on maternity leave. This other lady took over, and she's just downright...

I'm not your subordinate, I don't report to you, you don't pay me, neither do you pay for our services, so don't speak to me as if I'm working for you. I'm working with you.

Stop trying to assert your authority. We don't have to do what you want. Adapt to us, not we adapt to you, so F off.

Monday, August 01, 2011


I thought I could have a quiet day, but it turned out otherwise. Mr Boss had a finance deadline to meet and I was one of the two candidates to help him meet it. Rushed, did weird things like sending very carefully worded emails and finally got everything out by 2pm, which was post-lunch time. A macs lunch did make me feel a lil' better.

And thanks to crunch time, made an error in my quote. Feel so ambivalent doing such stuff. The emails made me feel and seem incompetent, and the error I made felt like I wasn't being my usual meticulous self. It's the same kind of feeling as I didn't do my best, and I'm feeling really bad about it.

I should learn to let go even more. Letting go has been one of the most difficult lessons to master since I was in school. I'm still learning to let go nowadays, and learning to let it go faster.

I hope this doesn't have to happen every month. ):