Saturday, March 31, 2007

Night out @ Vivo

It was dinner with 0612A at vivo featuring a special announcement,

In conjunction with Irene's birthday which was celebrated in the afternoon.

We had good food, good people but not-so-good announcement.

Mandy, my dear tall classmate, who is one head taller than me,

Is stopping school due to some difficulties.

Guess what I did?

I typed a super long email to her trying to make her re-think her decision.

Not that I don't respect or support her decision,

But it's really sad and a pity to give up now.

But whatever her decision is in the end,

It's up to her.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Financial woes?

It seems that I'm undergoing financial woes from the previous post,

But I think the post sounded more serious than it was supposed to.

I ain't having financial difficulties but just ranting about tuition.

I'm just getting sick of it...

Anyway, it was a slight change from tuition last night,

I babysat 2 children, yes, caucasians from 7pm to 10pm.

Younger boy, 3 years old, goes to bed at 7pm,

Elder girl, 6 years old, goes to bed at 8pm.

The rest of the time? I get to watch tv. (:

Well, instead of 10pm yesterday, they only came back at 12mn.

So it's 5 hours instead of 3.

Yeah, they came back at 12mn.

So instead of my $75 (15 bucks per hour),

Including cab fare of $10 because it was after 11.30pm,

I should get $85... They were nice to give me $100!!!

Haha... Good money right?

Luckily the children are well behaved and they like me.

I'm going there again next week.

Babysitting, anybody?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Too held up about $$$

This is my financial status:

- Pay school fees on my own

- Earn own allowance

- Except for dinner, all other expenses (excluding necessities) are to be borne by me

- I'm only tutoring to keep up with my expenses every month


Sometimes, I think I'm so held up by such things that I miss out other things.

Like going out with friends, getting to know my classmates better.

But seriously, if I don't tutor, which I am tutoring 7 days a week,

Then who to pay my school fees and what do I survive on?

Thus, it is not me that don't want to spend the day out,

Enjoying myself and stuff, but finances don't allow,

Especially when a loan repayment awaits me.

However, splurging once in a while is still affordable... :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

The [G]reen [C]ard

Bet most of you have seen the [g]reen [c]ard ad on the websites once in a while.

Let me warn you, NEVER ever click on it.


Out of curiosity, I filled in my particulars (name, phone number etc),

And clicked next.

The next page required you to pay thru' credit card to win your lottery card.

As penniless as I am, I closed the window and finally knew how the system worked.

Next morning at about 9+am, my home phone rang.

My mum woke me up from my beauty sleep,

Saying there's this 'ang moh' looking for me.

If you guessed it, it was ther person from the organization of that #$&*!#$ card.

He kept asking me if I wanted to go to US.

I gave him those one-word answers,

Which you would probably understand that the call should end.

How $#$^%$%# insensitive fella, he kept going on.

I just wanted to blast him off with vulgarities for waking me up,

And pissing me off.


So ladies and gentlemen, learn the lesson here,

Don't get bugged by that fucked up guy.
Infatuation subsiding?

The moment my infatuation for one person subsides,

Infatuation for another person occurs almost immediately.

Flower heart eh?

Anyway, there's this person who never fails to capture my attention,

He's nice, gentlemen-ly, humourous but sadly attached.

So only can see, no touch.

Oh where, oh where is my Prince in his noble steed?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A day at the pool

Sad to say, no hunks, only Didis or ah peks or pot-bellied life guards.

Anyway, it was a good workout with RP.

I completed my aim of my 10 laps,

Which is half of what I used to swim with Silas, my swim bud,

Who is now recuperating at home after a surgery.

I should continue with my weekly swim which I stopped pretty long ago,

It will keep me in shape while I enjoy my char kuay teow & fried stuff.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The typical day

What else for me, the 'Tuition Queen' as coined by Cheryl?

My life ain't that no-life though.

It was graduation project meeting with our supervisor today,

And lunch out at Vivocity & a short shopping around there,

Before heading home feeling lethargic and yet have to act hyper.

You can't show your 'sian' face in front of a primary 2 kid, can you?

Anyways... here are some pictures of me and my classmates!
First...the no 1-2-3 picture.

The more normal looking picture...

The picture I like...

Thanks to Cheryl's boyfriend for being the photographer!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It's getting in on me!

I know it's infatuation because it's gonna subside after a few days.

And the target(s) have been ever-changing.

For now, I'm infatuated with... Why not you guess?

It's a person, and it's mentioned in my recent posts.

As much as it makes me feel love-lorn all the time,

Let's just put it this way, how many times do you get such infatuations?

For me, target(s) are hard to find, you know.

So for now, bear with my whining and let me bask in these infatuations.
I miss...

My saxophone which have been part of my life for 6 years.

The times when I played music with my sax.

The satisfaction I get when I produce music.

Enjoying time with my sax.

Times when playing together with the band.

My saxophone and playing in the band.

When will I get back into a band and satisfy my hunger for music?

Friday, March 16, 2007

A date with my love

There is no better way to end the day after an exam than with my date.

Well, I'm referring to music.

I went for this concert, SSO@Campus at Republic Polytechnic.

It was definitely world-class.

Because it was sponsored by SPH, admission was free.

Each time I attend a concert, the sometimes neglected passion for music ignites,

And it pushes me more each time to pursue my passion.

Probably, music is in my blood, more than any other things.

Of course, the conductor was dashing!

Charismatic with composer-like hair, in black tuxedo engrossed in music...

My Prince Charming!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Introverted me?

Maybe introverted is not the correct word,

But I've been having this lil' problem for some time...

It seems that I take very long to be close to someone,

I mean look at 0612A people, my classmates,

I'm probably not as close to most of them as most do.

I'm not exactly a good conversation starter nor a good conversationalist.

And when people talk, I listen more than I speak.

And how come toastmasters didn't help in that communication skill of mine?

Because I take very long before I start talking naturally to them.

Tell me how to solve this?
Photos time!

Here are some photos to spice my my blog.

These are pictures of my cousin's house.
From the entrance, the car porch on the left...

And the car porch on the right...

The house...

A closer look at the pond in the middle, it's not a swimming pool.

The rooms on one side...

And the back yard...

These are pictures of my niece, Tong Yi & baby Su-Jen.

Aren't they cute?

Now you know why whenever I can, I'll head to Malaysia for my holiday...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dedicated post to Serene

The new year photos will come later,

But I felt an urge to dedicate a post to Serene after reading her latest post.

(Sorry lah, RP, wait till you go overseas ok? Don't be jealous. Heehee.)

For those of you whom don't know,

Serene, together with RP, are my besties since sec 1 back in YT.

That Serene went off to the triple science class in sec 3, leaving me and RP together.

Ironic thing: RP and Serene are both in choir, so they make up the time together.

And Serene and me are in the Student Council, so we make the time up.

Unlike many others who part ways after the 'O' levels,

We sorta promised to still meet up, up to inviting each other to our weddings.

We are still meeting up, despite RP finished her diploma and us apart.

I guess we went through a lot together.

It was perhaps the very different personalities we had complemented each other,

And how we tolerated each other.

Well, sometimes Serene, you are not the only one who has such dilemmas.

I have it too, I'm sure RP has it too.

And we (RP & me) are surely glad to have you, although you are still somewhat a PRINCESS.

But as they always say, it's better to have one more friend, than one more enemy,

So learn your PR skills now...haha...