Monday, March 19, 2012

The Feelings.

Been reminded of the feelings over and over, with it getting more intense as the seconds tick by. Okay, supposed to even have this happen was beyond expectations. It just happened, and besides thinking about it, I haven't acted on it. Maybe subconsciously signals might have given it away, but I think I've been receiving mixed signals... 

I must say the connection and chemistry sparked off just like that, and has built up over time. I think we have drawn the lines well. 

Sometimes it makes me wonder if this is what people say about, "when it comes, you won't be able to shield yourself from it." Well, everything happens for a reason. This may or may not be it.

Let's just let nature take its course. If it happens, it happens.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


What kind of expectations should you hold stepping into a new place? 

Or what worries you about what others expect of you?

I guess it's just for me to do what I normally do and not worry about how others think. No point getting obsessed when you ain't gonna have any control over the minds of others.

Let's give it 6 months...

Saturday, March 10, 2012


That's it. Friday was my last day following the resignation of my ceo, also my direct reporting officer. Looking back, I've learnt tons, managed terrible clients, chased deadlines like nobody's business and worked hard. It's a pity to see what's left behind. Or rather, I don't have eyes to see.

Moving on, moving on, new environment, new culture. Hopefully I get to live my new year resolution - not to work so hard since the start of this year saw never-ending work and deadlines. Busier than ever before. Let's take it that the best does the most work. No shame, but I am confident that I have done well.

Let's see what happens on Monday.

A fresh start, a new beginning.