Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blatant Spelling Error?

This was what I saw when I opened firefox. Google's my homepage. Heh.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to Blogging.

My apologies to readers of my blog. This month has been absolutely mad. After a seeming recovery, and a trip to genting, and a trip to the hospital (to admit someone else), I was down with fever. When the fever was gone, another bout of cough came along, together with news that my maternal grandmother passed away.

Hurriedly, I was forced to make a trip for the funeral in Malaysia with the mother. Hung around for 4 days, came back, went back to work coughing and now finally a Saturday all to myself (well almost). Not mentioning I have been away from Toastmasters for a month now.

But bad news aside, I'm finally coughing less (as the yellow phlegm is making its way out of my body) , Serene is back in Singapore and I'm glad to be home without a terminally ill patient. Calmness, peace, serenity.

The morning part-time job goes on, with a little pressure to finish writing quicker as the deadline draws near. The tuition frenzy goes on. But finances look good. That's because I've been busy to the extent that I don't have the time for retail therapy. Well, I don't have the mood or energy either.

Let everything be back to normal, let me slump back into my routine, let me do what I want to do.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Of Antibiotics and Rest

After a consultation with the gp and two full days of medicine and proper rest, I'm feeling very very rested. No longer coughing my lungs out, and having the voice that may go anytime. So for today, I'm skipping Toastmasters. My voice ain't ready for some full 10-min language evaluation yet. I better safe guard my voice box.

Antibiotics make me high. I feel like I'm floating when I walk, my hands shake, making me feel like a sick person. Obviously, I am sick. But can't get to nap in the afternoons since the afternoons are usually of high-level brain activity like tuition...

I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow, although still coughing a little. But the lungs aren't coming out for now. =D

Friday, September 04, 2009

Dry Cough

Yikes, dry cough and coughing from the lungs. I cough like I'm going to die.

Went back to work today - coughing and doing data-entry. Well, just transferring information hundreds of years ago on manuscript to a word document, with the boss helping to spell out the names while I do the typing. But at last, I'm about 60% done with the report on technical education.

I finally got my access card too! No longer need to borrow the card when I head to the toilet, since there's this magnetic door that you have to get through before reaching the office. Time really passes quickly when one is busy at work. I do a few things and it's time to go home.

Let the cough disappear over the weekend and let me be healthy back at work next week. Then the weekend can be left to shopping since the salary would already have rolled in.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


My tuition kids and their mum have nicely passed me the cough virus. All three of them were coughing really badly when I tutored the younger one. Good, now I get it too. Took a day off today and I'm going back tomorrow.

No more KBox with RP on Saturday I guess. =x

Life's been like that, as usual, in addition to a terminally ill patient at home with a horrid temper and a just-sharpened-sword-sharp tongue. Sooner or later, I'll flip the table too, and throw a slipper at you.  I'm not sorry and in this world, you just don't get everything that you want. Learn that while you are still alive.

Tiredness really is:
- Work (taking up the least energy I should say)
- Tuition
- Putting up with invasion of privacy
- Hunting for a full-time job
- Putting up with harsh words
- Taking time to accompany the mother
- Going to the hospital from time to time (which is a total travelling time of 3 hours to and fro)
- Household chores...

So, don't make it sound like I'm tired because I just started work. Work is not tiring, everything else is.

If you get the blardy-attitude from me with the reply of, "Whatever," then you know you just stepped on my tail, just that I ain't gonna argue with you.