Monday, July 30, 2007

Goody goody

Although I'm sneezing an average of 15 times a day,

On a lighter note,

I'm having 点心 (dim sum) tomorrow!


Are you game for some?

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I can't breathe,

I'm drowsy,

I can't sleep,

My nose is blocked,

I feel breathless,

I need tissue,

I sneeze all the time,

I'm cold,

I'm sick,

I want a hug.
Charlene's 21st birthday bash

Today (28 July 2007) was Charlene's 21st birthday bash at 'The Metz',

A condominium function room at Somerset.

The theme was 'White' so expect everyone there to be in white, except the birthday girl.

This is the birthday girl!!! (aka my JC mate)

And this was her cake. You will see the remains of the cake later.

But cute eh?
The bash was supposed to start at 6.30pm, so I was there early, see still bright.
Then I decided to take photos with the balloon.

Then we started to eat!!! Haha, too hungry so forgot to take pictures of the food.
This was the chocolate eclair that we all enjoyed.
The cream would spurt out when you sunk your teeth into it.

This is Alicia, my JC mate too, we were always together in JC.

She has the makings of a model. *Grin*

This is Nicolez, another JC mate of mine, always hung out together during JC days.
She's up for the advertising industry.

And there was chocolate fondue!!!
See the rich thick creamy chocolate!!
I had like 5-6 rounds of it. *Sugar rush*

After like 4-5 rounds of food, we went outside to take a walk and chat.
I saw this spot to take a crazy picture, so this was it.

When we went back to the function room, the lights were off,
Look like I was clubbing right?

Then it was more chocolate fondue in the dark... Muahahaha...

And finally, the birthday girl cut her cake, and this was the remains of the bear.

I love my camera phone since the pictures turn out so well.

But the day out was great, it has been a long time since I met my JC mates.


My 21st birthday comes next year.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ups and Downs

Women have this up and down cycle,

Whether they have PMS or not.

Their mood goes from ecstatic right down to dark and gloomy.

I've just past that dark & gloomy period,

So it's on its way up to the ecstatic peak.

Therefore, I'm feeling good these days.

Chilling out has been suspended temporarily until next month,

Because if I don't limit it, finances will take the plunge,

Which is not good.

So next chill out session peeps, next month!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review of 2 movies

I went to watch 2 movies on Tuesday,

Yeah, you see two tix stubs.

I watched it with my mum, she's paying for it!!

First up was Harry Potter, well it wasn't as draggy as some other friends told me,

But the final duel between Dumbledore and Voldermort could be longer.

It ended quite abruptly.

Because the cinema was so cold with only 15 people,

I couldn't take it but headed to the toilet halfway...

After my tuition at 9pm, I went to watch transformers,

Which received much good reviews from my friends.

Well, it is good, with the graphics and all.

Storyline...not bad.

I like Bumblebee now, can someone bestow me with a guardian too?


Harry Potter: 3.5/5

Transformers: 4/5

I would watch both movies again if given the chance, but I would only pay to watch Transformers again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chill out on Saturday

I was out at TCC @ Circular Road on Saturday,

But too tired to upload some pictures, so here they are!

To kick off the chill-out at 5pm was my oreo milkshake!!

It's really nice, not too thick, with the oreo taste.


Ordered this Beef Mozza Tofu - but forgot to take picture 'cause too hungry.

Tofu + sukiyaki sauce with cheese on top, baked. Must try!

Chatting chatting, I took a picture with Lani.

Silas & Barry were there too, but didn't take photos with the guys..

Then some 自恋 pictures to go in my phone camera...

Too excited when taking the picture, so it was blurred.

Second and third tries didn't give such a nice smile while I was lying on the beanbag,

So this looked the best.

Then Barry wanted to take my picture with his HUGE camera phone,

I was reluctant, hence the face.

Don't ask me why my shirt is so crumpled,

It is supposed to be!

Monday, July 23, 2007

To the commuters

To that stupid guy who hugged the pole while my hand was reaching to it for support,

And to wrap around the pole while reading a book,

May you never get a chance to grab a pole in the train,

So that you fall flat on your face and get a huge red mark.

To the stupid man who opened his legs so big that it crossed to my seat,

I had the urge to kick you in the middle,

Until you yowl like a werewolf and sputtered vulgarities.

To these stupid idiotic commuters, learn some train etiquette.

You can make public transport rides a much better experience.

But with you morons around, it's gonna stay the state it is,

Horrible even though the trains are clean.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crazy hormones

I should be pms-ing...

I'm getting exhausted so easily,

Just wanna sleep the whole day,

And my appetite/food intake is __________.

Haven't been through such a cranky pms for some time.

Mood swings come and go.

How come it sounds like I'm pregnant?

Haha, I'm NOT.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Advanced News Gathering & Writing is over!

Exam was crazy, it was 17 questions, way longer than the usual 4 out of 7.

But nonetheless, I completed the paper,

And zonked out after that.

I gotta chill out this Saturday.

Anyone wanna go TCC this Saturday evening?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

4 hours and the clock ticks

It's 4 hours to the exams!

And I'm ready for it!

I'm just looking forward to it,

And the dinner after that!

Replies to tags

Too many tags...guess replying here makes it easier.

This is in chronological order, you tagged first, your reply first.

And to all: I do swear, but once in a while and sparingly. I'm a good girl you know!

To Ling: haha..I got a new pair of specs, show you next chapter meeting.

To Jer: Heehee... it isn't everyday your classmate gets trapped in a lift =p

To Lani: Oh yes, the best place to chill for now is TCC (:

To elfy: Haha, you finally see me swear you very happy hah?

To RP: I know lah...but just need to vent it out once in a while!

To Kalyn: We are going to chill at TCC, we will go together when we can!!

To Jo: Heh, join us at TCC!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Serene's 300-dollar sun glasses makes me look like I got housefly eyes.


Do you have friends who take you for granted?

They don't usually talk to you,

They talk to you to ask you stuff because they know you know it.

And it happens frequently?

Sometimes I just feel like telling them the wrong things so they would get into trouble.

Fuck them for being so irresponsible themselves.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Suddenly I crave for the cripsy skin of fried chicken wings.

Munch munch munch.

Finger lickin' good.
Restlessness & Listlessness

I've been feeling very restless & listless lately,

I don't feel like doing anything,

Just wanna stay in bed and lie down.

Somehow I think I'm deprived of a break, a real holiday.

My last overseas trip was somewhere early this year.

I need a break, a real break, away from Singapore, school & tuition.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life goes beyond

Finally my life goes beyond school and tuition and toastmasters.

I found a good chill-out place to go to,

I've now got spare cash to go out more,

And I'm in lurve~

Life at 20 ain't that bad afterall.

For some moments, I thought it was only going to revolve work and school.

Hell ya, I'm gonna pay myself first, and enjoy life MORE.

Chill out anyone?

I am reluctant to do my assignment and to study and to do my draft.

I want a hug.

I officially announce that I am infatuated.

It feels good actually, after haven't felt it for a long time.

It's a sunny yellow banana day...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Courage & Bravery

Ok, target changed.

Who is brave enough to help me ask for HIS number?

Oh, I suddenly feel so shy, different from the brave me right?

Would someone volunteer?

I'll give my volunteer a kiss...

Monday, July 09, 2007


If you see unusual bruises on your loved one,

What would you do if he/she does not intend to tell you how she/he got it?

You try to probe using another person.

Meanwhile, those bruises don't look like you accidentally got hurt yourself.

I'm worried for you, real worried.
Irritating & Idiotic

You decided to plan the timetable, and now you are reluctant to change it.

You bloody hell wanna make everything clash, and you change the one which is not affected.

Well I just think that you are lazy to do more work.

I shall express my grievances as soon as this passes.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

A break from school

So it's the end of the lectures for my 2nd module.

*Does a lil' dance*

It has been a tiring 2 weeks with everything coming together.

Everyone says that I'm too busy, but perhaps I'm too used to it that I don't feel it.

Anyway, exam and tutorial dates are messing up.


But still, at least I can take a small lil' break from heading to school,

Sitting through 3.5 hours of lectures.


But DUH, exams are round the corner...

Serene and RP, as most of you would know are my besties from secondary school.

Since Serene's back from aussie for a short break, of course we had to meet up.

So the missy gets to choose... And we end up at Pepper Lunch.

Halfway eating, we exchanged presents.

Somehow it's not said, but...

We would just buy a little something for each other,

Each time Serene comes back.

She has something for us, and we have something for her.

I guess that's the beauty of friendship,

Certain things just don't require it to be said, right Serene & RP?

So RP & I bought the baby pink handphone sock for Serene.

Now all of us have similar socks for our handphones...

Later on, I was buying my shoes as you seen earlier, so Serene started snapping...

In front of the mirror.

So, these are the products of it.

Because it's the reflection, my body gets cut off.... HAHA...

I love my gurlfriends!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New pretty shoes!!

Today was meeting up with besties day!

Since Serene wanted to eat Pepper Lunch, we headed to the one at Shaw Towers,

Because the Taka outlet's standard dropped.

Since RP and I reached early, we headed upstairs to Isetan to look at shoes.

And YES! I saw them hold the shoes that I wanted.

Here's the price tag... Yeah, it was S$148.75...

But there was a 10% discount... So I got it for... S$133.87..

If you are thinking what kinda shoes cost that much? Look down!!

My pretty new shoes!!!

Isn't it nice? (: (: (:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee

As my MSN nick suggests,

I'm busy to the point that I would need to refer to my calendar to see if I'm free.

With everything coming together, it's no wonder I'm feeling lethargic these days.

This is my calendar which is clipped on the window grills,

Can you see that I've got something on almost everyday.

Yeah, this is gonna be my schedule for July.

P/S: Red boxes = exams

Sunday, July 01, 2007

You made my day

Thank you for making my day yesterday,

Two (or maybe 3) of you know who you are.

It's quite hard to get someone who you can really confide in and to talk to.

It was truly a relaxing day for me.

Somehow I feel I haven't got enough,

I think I need a holiday, a real holiday, away from everything and anything.

Tired out

I've probably never felt this exhausted in a long time.

Even after a good break yesterday.

I feel like I can collapse anytime and fall into a deep sleep for 523898027 years.

Can someone tell me what's happening to me?

Or have I overworked?

I can't probably be feeling like that everyday,

ARGH, I feel really tired, exhausted, whatever.
Chilling out

It's rather rare on a Saturday that I'm tuition-free.

So off I went out intending to buy a pair of shoes and chilling out after lessons.

The shop didn't hold my size, so no new shoes today.

Then off I went to TCC at Raffles Place, a nice cosy place,

With beanbags.

So I sat there from 3.30pm till 10pm.

Power eh?

It's really nice to chill out, chit chat and sip some drinks.

I've got the member card now which gives my 15% off.

Who's interested to chill out with me @ my new favourite hangout?