Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Out With Bestie

And on a rare Sunday, we decided to head to Vivo City...

After a late lunch at Ichiban Boshi at Plaza Singapura,

It was walk walk walk day.

Finally RP succumbed to the leg muscle aches,

Then we took a break at Carl's Junior,

Shared a drink and a pack of fries, and chatted...

That's what besties do together right?

After conquering the whole shopping arena,

Did RP eat her oyster mee sua,

And heading to Ben & Jerry's together to satisfy my ice cream craving.

Time for some pictures!

I threatened RP to send me this picture or else I would put up the idiotic one... HAHA.

Me!! Acting cute...

Getting high after some chocolate chip cookie dough...

Too bad Serene's not here.

Till next month, our monthly bestie outing awaits!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim Clock from Idle Mode to Activation

The last time I updated my swim clock was March 18.

Last checked: 26.5 laps (on 18 March)

Add 10 laps to the clock.

YES, I swam 10 laps today and I'm now happily suffering from muscle aches.

Current swim clock stands at: 36.5 laps.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yesterday's Tomorrow = Today


It was a give-away.

Sections 1,2 and 3 were matching, fill in the blanks with helping words,

And one word answer questions.

Section 4 was a 2 choose out of 4 essay questions,

Answers to be 1-1.5 page each.

All for a 3-hour paper.

Stepped out at 11.30am.

And YES, another module OVER for GOOD.

Brained drained Esther after a BBQ?

Squeezed dry Esther.

I need my beauty sleep. *.*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Ok, this is the least stressful exam I'm ever gonna have.

I wonder if it's going to go wrong,

But according to the exam format, I should be doing alright.

Oh, did I mention I went to the zoo on Wednesday? (:

I've been lazy to blog.

Let me blog after I'm done with exams.

Meanwhile, BBQ tomorrow. Heh heh heh...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Do you give a card or a pressie to your beloved daddies on fathers' day?

Or do you complete it with a bear hug and a kiss?

Or perhaps you don't even give a damn about it?

Well, I never knew or took note of what date it falls on,

Much more celebrate or wish someone a happy father's day.

Well, my father is not dead,

Just that there's really nothing much to honour about.

And I mean nothing.

Let's just take one incident that happened after I came back from my pleasure trip.

Now, my coming of age was something special,

Or at least I thought it was.

21 is indeed a special number, isn't it?

There were no birthday wishes, much less a present from my father.

Probably right after he knew the legal age was of use,

He called and actually asked me whether I could help him sponsor someone.

And who is that someone?

And I'm his daughter?

And I should help him sponsor someone and take up another responsibility?

So besides being absent for a long while,

Running away when I was bloody hell looking for a guarantor for my education loan,

Now that I'm of use, it is best used to his advantage?

Maybe I've become wiser over the years,

I get more disappointed each time I talk to him.

Even disgusted by the things he indirectly puts across.

Tell me, if this is what fathers' day is all about,

I'd rather cancel that bloody day off the calendar for good.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Trip to Ipoh

On Friday (6 June), mum, aunt and I went to Ipoh.

It was not really for a holiday,

Shall keep you in suspense for now.

That morning, we took the LRT in Malaysia to Pasar Seni (Central Market),

From the LRT station, it took another 15 minutes walk to the central bus station.

We were taking a 3 hour bus there.

And this is what you get when you walk along KL.

Cars, exhaust, people.
Finally when we got to Pudu Raya bus station,

We had to wait for the platform to be announced.

After some 20 minute wait,

We were supposed to board the bus at platform 9.

Steps of doom, I call it.

If you think taking a bus from Golden Mile is bad,

Well, this is probably 5 times worse.

I survived it nonetheless.

Finally after a 3 and a half hour bus ride, we arrived.

We shopped a bit at The Store in Ipoh,

Ate some vegetarian food,

Had some food at the coffee shop,

Which I only remembered to take pictures of it after I was about to finish my food...

Rested for the day,

And then went for a drink at Old Town later that night.

Yup, a honey lemon drink to ease the heat there!

The next day, there were plans to visit the various caves in Ipoh.

There was one which had monkeys...

One with fishies...

And one that had the best scenery.

It was drizzling a lil' and some rain drops were blowing in,

But it's worth the trip.

And well, guess who?

Well, he's actually an ex-colleague of my mum.

My mum used to be a dental nurse when she was younger,

And this was the assistant doctor at the dental clinic then.

They lost contact for 10+ years and since they managed to find each other,

And mum has not been to Ipoh for 30 years,

And I have not been to Ipoh before,

We decided to make our way there.

Uncle Yee is now the boss of his own vegetarian restaurant and is happily retired.

We had the priviledge of staying at his house, and thus saving on lodging. HAHA.

Well well, looks like a happily family?

Fortunately or unfortunately not.

Tell you something, in a day I saw Uncle Yee change outfits and watches a total of 3 times.

Heard from mum that he used to be really handsome when he was young.

He still is now, for his age. (of 60 = x)

Guess what? He wears ankle socks and Nike shoes.

Just can't imagine that a person at his age would dress up. Heh.

Oh oh, Eunice, my niece also joined us at the caves.

Photos are of courtesy of her.


Good times pass really fast.

The night before we left Ipoh for KL again,

Uncle Yee and his son brought us to this nice chill out place at Moven Peak.

Look at the lightings and atmosphere.

Singapore needs more of such places man.

We were there at 11pm and almost all the tables were filled.

That's Uncle Yee, his wife, my aunt, mum and me.

Really, it was great chatting to these people even though they are of a different generation.

You'll learn something.

And then the next morning was a trip back to KL before I was due home to Singapore on Tuesday.

Haha, I went there zit-less and came back with ZITS.

Another trip to Ipoh?

I wouldn't mind. (:
The Hiatus to Malaysia (As always)

Away and away I went to Malaysia on 2nd June.

It's hello to a house probably 10 times the area of my apartment.

There was rain...

There were nice evenings too...

Amazing how the effect turned out even with a camera phone.

I had lunch at T.G.I. Friday's,

A hip place for western food.

I was too engrossed to eat when the food came, so I forgot to take pictures of what I ate.

Managed to catch the pasar malam one day before I left for Ipoh.

So off we went for some road side bubble tea and snacks.

The aftermath of pasar malam = messy hair and oily faces.

Next entry will be my small little detour to Ipoh,

But say hi to Ginger and Max!

And to my lil' grand-nephew, baby Matthew.

On the last day, it was due home sweet home...

Actually opposite my cousin's house, there's a plot of land for sale,

Any takers?

Surprise surprise, saw this lego F1 car thingy before I left for Singapore.

Take a closer look and indeed it is made of little pieces of lego bricks.

Then all good things have to come to an end, so it's the 5 hour route home on the coach.

Bye Malaysia for now,

Hello fast-paced Singapore.

After the break, I feel so much more refreshed and recharged.

But Research Methodology and Presidency awaits me...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Slack and Slack Slack Away

2nd day into my vacation,

Waking up to no worries,

Just pure relaxation.

Slower paced life does the trick all right.

Shop, eat and play away...

*Dances away...*

Monday, June 02, 2008



I got nothing on my hands to do now other than to blog.

I got no tuition and studies to think about for now.

I got time to sit down and blog with ease.

-Well actually I do need to send out some emails.-

And finally I'm heading off for my break, for my vacation, for my sanity.

I've been waiting long, it is long overdue.

And there, there, here I come!

*Courtesy of my cousin's house.*

Mornings sipping tea by the koi pond,

With Mr. Max and Ms. Ginger (their dogs) by the side.

Nothing to think about, just about where to go for some FUN.

Absolute tranquility, extreme craziness.

Shop-till-you-drop afternoons,

Evening barefooted basketball matches till the soles turn black,

Perspiration till the shirt gets drenched,

Laughters that make you get stomach cramps and kneel on the court,

Playing the swing and enjoying the wind blowing my hair.

Late night suppers with cheapo yet great nasi lemak & iced milo,

And great conversations with cousins.

It's time I let down my hair.
The Supposed Punk Chick Picture

So I got comments that the 'Punk Chick Look' shouldn't have me smiling.

I did have some 'ATTITUDE' pictures taken,

Just that I thought those smiley ones were nicer.

So here are the PUNK ones.

So, what do you think?