Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of 2006

2006 is coming to an end in about less than 7 hours.

And we always say "it passed with the blink of an eye".

It was a nice start of 2006 with the countdown in Malaysia with my relatives,

And spending CNY.

Receiving 'A' level results,

Getting into universities weren't that nice though.

But it was a good break before starting school almost end of the year in October,

Kicking it off with lovely classmates and lecturers.

And the year ends nicely with my home getting renovated,

With a better than expected result for Journalism.

Resolutions, I shall skip 'cause there's no point in saying and yet not doing.

If I do inculcate a good habit next year or decide to work harder then good for me,

Or else, just keep the word 'resolutions' away for now.


Happy new year everyone!

May 2007 be a good year for you!

This calls for a lil' update after neglecting my blog for so long.

Christmas eve was a day out with Nat, a fellow TM.

We went to Bukit Chandu (not my idea) then to town to watch some people carolling.

Christmas Day was a day out with mum, I forgot to where.

Post-Christmas was a packing day 'cause my kitchen and toilets will undergo a major revamp,

Now I'm staying elsewhere faraway from home. =(

Going home means no toilets and water supply,

So blog entries will be limited.

But after renovations, my toilet will look nicer then my living room,

I shall wait patiently and endure bathing with icy cold water for 2 weeks.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh yeah!

*Does a lil' tap dance*

Tell you something: PR exams are over!

I have a confession: I've probably never worked that hard in my life to remember things.

'Cause I downright HATE memorising things.

Anyway, it's one day to christmas eve and it's a day I can wake up really late,

Without having to go for tuition or think about doing assignments or study.


Yesterday was a day out with my lovely classmates after the PR exam,

Some went to sing at Kbox while Nir1, Linda and me went to the arcade,

And had a ice-cream treat from Linda. (Thanks Linda!)

Following that we met at Kbox again, only to leave town at 10.30pm.

It's not everyday you get to hang out after the exams.


Christmas this year, is going to be spent with mum,

Well, Prince Charming is not here yet and friends?

They already have their schedules full.

I'm looking forward to receiving gifts though~



Sunday, December 17, 2006

Migratory Ants

I think it's the frequent downpours that causing ants to migrate.

And of all places, they seek refuge in my house!

It's not like my house is dirty,

But there are little holes in the walls that seems to be the best homes for ants.


Now that Shieldtox have been used on them,

Those which are in my house are dead.

Let's hope the 'climate change' for the ants end soon,

So they won't come anymore.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The meet-up

Finally after saying wanting to meet for so long,

We finally met up.

Although we ended up with nothing much to do in one of the heartland malls,

I thought we had a good chat over dinner.

It's still fun to get out of the house even though it's just dinner.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Toilet etiquette

Some people perhaps take the clean and dry toilets in school for granted.

It is good enough to have toilet paper supplied to us,

But you don't have to waste some by dropping it on the floor.

Sometimes the area around the 'bowl' is wet,

I wonder how people can 'miss' when you got a 'bowl' to sit on.

I know it's sounds a little too detailed,

But the washroom is used by everybody,

So get your arse on the 'seat' and aim properly.

Did I say I hate wet washrooms?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


1. PR is making me look into Greg's lappie more & I'm enjoying it.

2. I'm eating more snacks than ever in PR class to keep myself awake.

3. I've been spending an average of 7 buckeroos a day on food from 9am to 4pm.

4. My tummy's growing but my weight isn't, what is wrong?

5. It seems like I've forgotten how it feels to be in love.

6. I just got my first grade - a 'bee'.

7. I'm alright with my grade.

8. I like my classmates, they are fun to be with.

9. I just saw a bruise on my knee, I don't know where it came from.

10. I just want to finish typing 10 random's and head to bed.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Heavy eyelids

I've been infected with a new disorder: heavy eyelids.

Symptoms appear especially during: PR lessons,

I try my best to concentrate but it worsens when you just, get what I mean.

And with a monotonous voice in your ear for effectively about 4 hours sucks.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

The quiet & serious girl

I have always been seen as the quiet and serious girl in class,

Doing work conscientiously and listening to every word that the lecturer speaks.

I don't think I'm that hardworking, it's just that I look like that,

And it doesn't help with a 'stern' looking face bestowed to me by my dad.

And for now, entertainment is temporarily suspended,

Till I get a stable income from Jan 2007 when tuition is on full swing,

For now, my bank account is depleting like nobody's business.

Yes, it doesn't help when a underweight-small-sized-girl has a huge appetite,

And goes hungry about every 4-5 hours.

Conclusion: esther is not what she looks.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

High threshold

It's into the 2nd day of PR and my threshold is pretty high,

As commented by one of my classmates.

It seems that I'm one of the few who can tahan 5 hours 45 minutes straight,

Without my head hitting the table.

Impression: Our lecturer is a old benevolent grandfather,

Who has worked all his life for a good one.

His has his interesting stories to tell.

And of course his definitions of certain terms:

Questionnaire: A sheet of questions

Public opinion: Opinion from the public

He's even so cute to spell out certain words for us and teaching us how to pronounce it.

He may be not as funny as Omar but he has his way I guess.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's Monday!

It's Monday again! The start of a new week.

And I need to wake up early!

Can someone drive me to school so I can sleep in a lil' more?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

To say or not to say?

What happens when you want to post something,

But you don't want a person to know?

And the person visits your blog?

Dillema dillema.

Therefore to say or not to say?

Especially something that could potentially damage a friendship?

*Shakes head*

Now that I've posted, people are interested to know, right?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bye bye Journalism

And again, we bid farewell to another module,

And welcome another.

Today was 'The Exam',

As usual, got almost everything in order, except for some little things,

Some questions that requires some higher order thinking,

Which I think I seriously lack.

I had fun after the exam anyway,

Heading to Holland Village with a bunch of classmates to eat,

Then to Sitex for the fair and then to bedok to eat hawker fare.

As they say, enjoy life while you still can. (despite the exams)

Sadly, I'm still tutoring tomorrow morning and heading for the workshop in the afternoon.

I seriously need my beauty sleep,

Zits appeared, I think, from the pre-exam stress.

It's ok, it's over now, but another comes in 3 weeks!