Saturday, April 28, 2012

Future Plans.

Things have come to a stage where I feel the learning curve is limited. I'm getting bored from the lack of work, and hence lack of exposure. 

I've been told time and again to stay and help the place grow. But if there's someone who's always defensive and insists that the seriously-overused and used-to-death ideas are the best, there's really nowhere to grow towards.

At this age, career progression shouldn't stop or slow down. I'm not at the edge of retirement, or intend to just work for the sake of daily work.

Experience is but a relative concept. You may have 10 years of experience. But if you only repeat effective 6 months of experience over 20 times, what 10 years are we really talking about doing the same thing over and over?

It's time to move out of the comfort zone. And I'm saying that to myself.