Thursday, April 09, 2009

Super Long Day...

Tired, exhausted, half dead. I had a crazy Wednesday.

3 hour workshop in the morning then almost put me into lala land,

Then 1.5 hours tuition after a short rest of an hour,

And 2.5 hours of Toastmasters after another hour of rest.

I had to write my opening address during the workshop, just grab my calculator and pencil case and hope that I can solve any algebraic problems my student throws at me after waking up from a 10 minute nap. Thereafter, survive with no rest, give my opening address then crack my brain to give a good evaluation. Now, what can you expect from a girl whose brain constantly tells her that it needs to shut down?

Well, I delivered my opening address relatively ok, and even won best evaluator today. Yet even better news, Cheng San has another 3 new members. Today's meeting was filled with people, newer Toastmasters, the core people, and guests. Nice meeting today.

Tomorrow it's tuition in the early afternoon and the journalism club thing in the afternoon. Seems like I'm getting busy once again, but I get to sleep in, and I ain't complaining. Money's coming, I like how life is. I just need my splurge on good food...