Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rush to Walk

After a rather good sleep, I woke up to buns for breakfast and tuition thereafter. Haha, and the girl gave me a sticker in return for the stickers I gave her for her work. Since the journalism thing was on today, I had to rush in about 20 minutes from Woodlands to Sembawang by taking a bus to the MRT station, take the train, drop off the next station and walk to the school. By the time I was on my way walking, I called only to realize that it has been cancelled, after all that rushing and transport frenzy.

I was about to turn around and head back to the trains when I decided to walk my frustration off by walking from Sembawang MRT station along the MRT track back home, a station 5 minutes away by TRAIN. And also perhaps the longest distance between one station and the next on the red line. And so, how long did the walk take? Just 40 minutes. Well after the sweat out, I felt better, exercised and hungry. A little crazy huh? But that saved some money since I wasted $1 on taking a wasted trip.

I'm not crazy, just a lil' cranky, needed to just walk it off. How did a 40 minute walk feel? I was impressed at how I managed that seriously.

So what's on today? Plain slacking at home to watch 'Don't Forget the Lyrics."