Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of Insulin Shots, Glucose Patches & Rides

Finally a good night's sleep yesterday.

I think I'm probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms from sugar-high.

First it was an overdose just 2 weeks back,

When insulin shots were required, but it's history now.

Before I fed myself bitter gourd.

The next day someone dangled a sweet in front of me.

Before it was gone again after the week ended.

I know what to do, I can survive with glucose patches.

P/S: I'm not diabetic, it's just a figure of speech. Go figure!
Finally, a clear logical mind and space to breathe.

Off the crazy roller coaster ride for now.

But I don't mind getting on another gentler ride. (:

Speaking of which, I was reminded of the time when I made future plans just 6 months back.

There was a lot of focus on education, further education & career,

Anything else that came, I told myself I'd deal with it as it comes.

Now that something and someone else appeared has set me some food for thought.

In fact, not just some, but much to ponder about.

I took out my blue print again, looked at it and thought,

Perhaps it might need some re-routing,

Perhaps after about a quarter of your life,

And some transitional phases,

It sets you to think about stuff that you never gave much attention before or thought that it might need change.

After some brain work, some facts sank in, some realizations came.

For now, let's just see how things go.

I trust and believe that certain things are worth the patience and the wait. (: