Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toastmasters Convention

This was my very first Toastmasters Semi-Annual convention I attended.

With the rest of the guys at the gala dinner...

Then my second semi-annual convention last year...

This time I had the privilege to go on stage to receive an award on behalf of Shuling,

Since neither she nor the current President was there.

Some Toastmasters friends like Barry were at the convention as well...

And the past district governor, Ban Peng.

He's damn hilarious I tell you.

The 2nd time we had lesser Cheng San people there.

And even had an article featuring myself, because I was tasked to write it... *click to enlarge*

Note the difference and changes?

Toastmasters has saw my transition from JC to university,

And soon from university to career.

Anyway, to toastmasters out there,

If you haven't attended a convention before, you should!

My third convention is coming up end of the week.

Will post up photos thereafter!