Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bye to 2007, Hello to 2008

As we always say,

The year passed with the blink of an eye.

How true, how true.

Looking back at 2007,

It was a good start after 3 months at my present school,

Treated my work seriously, got due credit for my modules.

Got my advanced diploma with suave grades.

While finances did get a lil' tough with all expenses,

Including repaying my own education loan,

Tuition assignments and babysitting jobs came and went,

And I got it through, with enough spare cash to shop.

It ain't that bad to tutor 6 days a week with 5 students,

When you know you need the job and you can actually manage your time well.
In Toastmasters, got up to the post of Vice President Education,

Which took more of my personal time away,

Tested my planning skills and my patience to the limit,

But juggling speaking and planning can be a killer.

I achieved my Competent Communicator award,

Now on my way to achieving my Advanced Competent Bronze award.

Had fun, had tears, had my speaking skills upped.

Attended a semi-annual convention, met great speakers,

Became motivated and inspired myself.
I also had myself into the Youth Executive Committee at a community club,

Joined as an executive member, got promoted to assistant general secretary.

Took away 3 hours of my time every month,

Potentially gonna take more away this year.
Personally, discovered myself and my personality more,

Spoke even more little this year.

I'm a lady of a few words.

I realized that I can take more pressure than I imagined,

Even when everything comes crashing at the same time,

I may cry, but after resting,

Getting up again isn't very difficult although it can be tiring.

Many ask, "I wonder how you can juggle so many things."

Reply: "You will learn to manage your time,

Because juggling means you must become more disciplined."

Met up with Rui Ping quite a lot, had fun shopping and eating,

Talking about future plans.

My brother had his wedding, now moved out.

There are also plans on doing my master's degree in US in the next couple of years,

If everything goes well.

There were significant moments, both good and bad,

But they all count as memories, as life experiences.

2007 was a great year, bet 2008 would be better.