Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Late Night.

Can't sleep yet 'cause I got home slightly after 11 from a farewell dinner for an ex-colleague. A couple of things on my mind while I'm trying to cool off before going to bed. This is a good avenue to mention them.

1. We presented to a potential client this morning. Of which, I sent the deck to my boss last evening for him to look through and prepare, since he and the creative guy would be presenting. But knowing how things can go wrong, I took time this morning to mentally rehearse, just in case everything goes wrong. Everything went okay though, boss presented the front parts, the creative guys on the creative parts. Until the end of the presentation which required some explaining on the campaign audit, my boss gave me the eye, nodding as though asking me to present those. I went ahead. Although not as smooth as my golden toastmaster days, I think it was okay since I didn't really rehearse. I didn't bull shit, I spoke logically. Thank god for impromptu speaking skill training from table topics.

Bro thinks that boss chut stunt, mum thinks that da boss is just testing water to see if I did my homework. Of course I did lah... For one, I cannot not know what's going on since I'm one of the project owners. Two, obviously I can't let everyone and my agency look bad in front of the client right? I really wonder what is the agenda behind it. But we will know in time. We shall see.

2. One of my clients resigned and will be leaving this week. She isn't the nicest or easiest client around. We started off not on a very good note. But among those were good periods of working relationship that got things moving.

I sent her a personal note wishing her all the best, and of course nice things. No white washing, I wrote with sincerity, it was not a cut and paste note from the net. I thought that it's just being nice on my part and a formality.

Boss calls me a drama queen, but I bet somewhere in you know that I did the right thing. Everyone I mentioned this to, agrees.

I guess that's why we say, project management is about doing things right, leadership is about doing the right things.