Saturday, October 16, 2010

KL Escapade

So I went on a 5-day trip to KL. Purely for rest and relaxation, and to shop for clothes for my new job. Missions accomplished. Had tons to eat, tons of rest and bought a week's worth of working clothes. Played, sang and shopped with my little 2-year-old nephew Matthew.

The weather was horribly hot though. At one point, it hit 36 degrees in the afternoon. We couldn't take it and had to drive out to the nearby shophouse for a bowl of Taiwan ice dessert. Thank god for air con, fan and ice.

Tried roti planta for the first time over supper. Liked it although super duper sinful. Simply delicious. A simple dish that makes the taste buds happy. It was just plain prata with melted planta in it. Missing it already.

Was just weird that I felt tired around 11-ish every night. Must be the day spent on walking and shopping and playing pretend with Matthew.

But all was nice. Trips to KL are always fun. (: