Friday, April 09, 2010


Aye, and when I'm here, another 5 days have gone by. This week has been pre-hell-ish, and I expect next week to be miserably worse. And it doesn't really help when a newbie like me is paired up with a CMI director. He is potentially screwing up a 70k job. *Shakes head*

A friend asked me what's up with me nowadays. I did a simple calculation and this was what I told him: I spend about 15 hours in the office, 8 hours at home and 1 hour travelling (taking a cab takes half a hour from home to work and vice versa) on a bad day. On a rather normal day, I spend about 9 hours in the office, 3 hours travelling and 12 hours at home.

On bad days, 8 hours is purely spent on bathing and sleeping. On better days, 8 hours sleeping and 4 hours eating, bathing, watching tv and just sitting around. Aye, working life + advertising industry = no life + little sleep + dry eyes only half open.

Let's see how long more I can tahan. I reckon pretty much more now that I'm only in my early twenties. But mid-twenties is also coming soon.

Now, I don't feel like typing anymore. Let's see what's up for the weekend - sleep in on Saturday then babysit. Half day out on Sunday then it's back to work. WORK!!!

Readers, the next time I calculate I'm back here typing, it's Friday or Saturday.