Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't Help But Worry.

There are 2 new jobs to begin on Monday (officially now). I'm worried. After what I've seen with a potentially screwed up 70k job, I'm even more worried than ever. I didn't screw up. I helped to secure the 70k job with my liner. But the design this time round... Sighs.

I'm only the writer, I give you the lines. You, as the art person, should know how to execute the job. Don't need me to tell you how the design should look like right?

I know I shouldn't be worrying about what I can't have control over. But when I'm part of the job, how to not worry? I'm starting to brainstorm myself at 11-ish on a Sunday night. I hope it'll at least save your ass tomorrow during the brainstorming session. I'll only do what's within my scope and ability. Hope things turn out fine tomorrow.