Friday, November 20, 2009

I Return to Blogging (for now).

Guess what? From a research assistant under the casual employment scheme, I've went on to multi-worker to become a secretary and a copywriter! For the government! But my salary doesn't increase. I asked mister boss if I could get some money from the bid the company tendered (that is a 7 digit sum). No conclusion. But hey, after copy-writing, the copyright does not belong to me! That is one major reason why I have no whatsoever energy to do it with as much enthusiasm as I am supposed to have.

Ok, this job is bringing in some income, and mister boss can sometimes be nice to let us off 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier. I shan't complain, but I need to whine. Please please please some calls purrrrr-lease.

I am now a slave of the 830-to-6 culture. I need something less desk-bound and something to let off my creative juices. There IS copywriting around here, but it must always be creative within the gah-men limits. How creative can it get? I am not VERY creative, but this is way too-uncreative. I want this no more.