Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Daily Routine

Half-day work has begun for the second day and I'm already getting into it like a routine. Wake up at 6.15am, get out at 7.15am, start work at 8.30pm, finish work at 12.30pm. Then have lunch, go for either my one or two sessions of tuition and then get home finally. Rest a while, have dinner, watch a lil' television, surf the net, and voila, sleep and the next day begins with the same cycle. Just 2 days and I'm feeling it.

Not very keen on staying up late because I'll wake up grumpy the next day. But here I am due to Toastmasters. After getting out of the bathroom, my long hair is still wet, and I'm feeling kinda fresh so am going to spend some time checking emails and blogging. Anyway, yesterday, which was my first day, after getting to my cubicle, I already found my cubicle tagged with my name. That means that they tagged my cubicle after my "chat". Nice.

I have to get to sleep soon, or I'll be yawning while having tuition tomorrow. Good night real world.