Monday, August 24, 2009

The Chat.

I was called down for a chat aka interview as an Research Assistant at a up-and-coming museum. It was just a formality really. The outcome? This is an excerpt of the conversation between the two people who were there for the "chat".

Him: How's your Chinese?

Me: Can read, can write, can speak.

Him: Good.

Him to Her: I've got things to clear at my side. She (me) can team up with _______ and _______.

Her: Ok, I think that should be fine.

Her to me: You will work closely with __________, and you will be given specific tasks to do. I'll go get some forms for you to fill up. You got any questions?

Me: No, not at the moment.

Her: Ok, fill up these forms and return it to me. When can you start?

Me: Tomorrow.

Her: Tomorrow would be fine. I'll see you in the morning.

Just that this is not a full-time job since I'll only be working half-days due to tuition commitments. But hey, the pay's not bad.

Once again, I'm working at a place related to education...