Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things Falling at the Right Place.

When I thought the whole world was against me, things started to fall in the right places.

- I was rushing to finish my presidential opening address for Toastmasters chapter meeting at home. I figured out that I would not have enough time to take the train there, so I stayed home, finished my stuff till about 6.45pm and took a cab instead. Thank god for the tuition before that. The train actually broke down along the north-south line. I was one of those who were not stuck in the trains and I was early for the meeting. The rest of the Toastmasters who took the trains were late.

- Thoroughly enjoyed Toastmasters yesterday. I met an Indonesian, an Indian and a Japanese who's an image consultant and gave me some tips on what to do with my hair. A very nice lady.

- The back-to-back tuition is finally off now that exams are almost over for the kids. Only 2 tuition sessions next weekdays. Yipee!

- I was quite broke last month but this month's a change. More babysitting this month, more tuition sessions which means more money.

Sometimes things don't seem so bad afterall.