Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Missing School!

Just now I dug out my Fit & Well Textbook for a flip, and as I was flipping and glancing through the facts and stuff that we learnt, suddenly I miss school. I'm done with my final exams, no more lectures, no more assignments, no more readings, no more studying, for the time being. Sometimes I wish I could go back to school, and study somemore.

Well, Rene Descartes' Mediations on First Philosophy is beside me now. I did not understand one thing when I read it during Philosophy classes, so now I'm attempting to read and understand it. This is also where the famous quote came from : I think, therefore I am. If I do manage to finish it, I'll try to decipher the deep thoughts of the Philosopher and post it here.

Meanwhile, can I go back to OCU for lectures? I won't complain if I have to wake up early...