Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas Celebrations

For the past 2 years, I spent xmas at home,

With the teevee.

This year is different.

I went on a shopping spree.

And because nobody shops on xmas day itself, shops were quite empty,

Malls weren't as crowded as xmas eve.

Together with the sales on, of course I HAD to buy something.

Surfer Girl shirt 70% off, 32 bucks going for $9+,

Topshop on sales, bought an indoor shoe for $9 instead of usual $19,

Then bought a crewneck tee from G2000, 50% off, at $9+.

All my buys were under $10. Good deals eh?

Well Christmas ain't too bad spent on shopping. (:
Presents presents presents.

I gave out more than I received,

But Christmas: A time of giving and receiving.

And psychologically, you are supposed to feel better giving than receiving.

Shall update on what I got laters~

Now I need sleep,

Lack of sleep makes me grumpy/cranky/unenthusiastic about anything and everything.

That is bad enough.