Friday, November 16, 2007

Tuckshop Tuckshop!

Yupz, some 1/2 weeks ago, I finally went out with the kalyn/lishan/jerald group.

We went to this little eatery/cafe called tuckshop.

Nice little cafe tucked away between the offices at Tanjong Pagar.

Beware, this group takes a GAZILLION photos whenever they go out.

So this post is full of pictures.

First, some pictures before the food comes.

Lishan & Kalyn..

Jerald and Lishan...

Us... The mass comm students.

Jerald and me.

Kalyn and her boyfriend, Siew Yang.

Then some pictures after the drinks came. Lishan & Kalyn with orange juice.

They tested my ability to smile at the camera while pouring tea. Unsuccessful.

Then the food came. This was salmon sandwich.

Mine! Satay chicken sandwich with satay sauce & onion rings.

The boys forgot their fish and chips, but the two thorns among the roses...
Guess whose 'twist' was that?

Well, the purpose was to celebrate Lishan's birthday.
Jerald got her a nutella ice-cream with a candle. (:

Lishan with her present.

The card we all wrote.

Kalyn got excited with this 'ghostbuster' as she called it.
I was first to pose with it. And look at Jerald's SUPERB camera-taking skills.

Much better, JER!


And everyone had a chance to pose with this 'ghostbuster'.

Then Lishan got excited by the drumset...

That's Kalyn and her BF.

And of course, US again.

And before we left, more pictures! This time with the mirror.

Told you this group are photo-crazy.