Friday, November 16, 2007

Long overdue pictures

RP and me meet up around once a month,

And we try to go to better places to eat,

Since it's only once a month...

So in September, we went to NYNY (New York New York).

While we were waiting for the food... RP got bored.

We ordered ribs, big portion. And even we shared, we just managed to finish.

And a side to go with it, some crunchy mushrooms...

Then RP said I blended into the chair... So she took a pic of me.

After that we went to get some green apple flavoured cotton candy...

After some 吸功大法。。。

It became the shape of mickey mouse!! It didn't really of course, we moulded it..

Not forgetting some dessert after some shopping...
Lonely fondue for the both of us, comes with ice cream!!

In October, we went to this Japanese restaurant in Takashimaya.

Japanese it is, I got possessed by doraemon, look at my hands... Haha.

Anyway, this dish is omelette with some meat, with raw cabbage inside.

It's quite unique. Remember to try it!

To fill the tummies, we ordered unagi small don.

And some soft shell crab to go along! This was the best that day!

Since the restaurant served dessert too, we ordered dessert.

A friend asked me how come I don't get fat even when I don't exercise.
Well, I have high metabolism rate, and it runs in the family.