Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First day of school again~

If you are wondering why I've got so many first days,

That's because I study on a modular basis.

So I get 2-3 week breaks to make us feel like it's the holidays,

Then we get back to school.

So my next break would be as long as from August to September,

While the rest are studying eh?

I'm doing a researching & writing class,

It is interesting, but the lecturer laughs at her own jokes,

And I have no idea why is it funny.

Maybe I need to brush up my humour level a lil' bit.

Or maybe, I'm at the trough of my emotions now,

So sense of humour a lil' cranky.

Tonight's installation night too - will officially be Vice President Education.

Blah blah blah... I'm still not feeling good.