Monday, December 19, 2011

Setting expectations right is imperative for it to work out. You really need to set some time aside and sit down with me to get this out right. We shouldn't let this happen again. I'm afraid while I can let it go this time and probably the next few, I don't know how long more I can put up with it. 

Maybe you are not ready, as much as you want it to happen. It just so happens that, and it goes the same for everyone else, this requires certain sacrifices from current commitments to commit to something new. Maybe you should think about whether you are truly ready to give up certain things for this.

No excuses. I can't be telling you what to do all the time. Time to work out the brain juice and think logically what next to do. It's not rocket science, it's really common sense most of the time. If you can't take out time to do this, maybe you are not ready. Then it's time to rethink.

Communication is essential for anything to work. 

I feel so ambivalent now. Sometimes I wonder if I have to put up with whatever's happening. Not happy, definitely not.