Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Rewarded.

And hard, hard work pays off. Got confirmed, got praised, got some rewards in return. Slogging for my projects were not wasted. Leaving office late almost everyday wasn't unrecognized. Anyway, mum and bro thinks that the reward is actually compensation for what I have been handling. But seriously, I do a lot more work than the others in comparison. I'm sure no one would trade their accounts for mine.

I leave office late, but have to still come in early the next day to continue slogging. People who leave earlier than me come in later than I do. My monthly billings go up to tens of thousands and I'm handling it all alone. So you can guess the amount of work I have on my shoulders.

I'm still happy anyway. The fall on the office steps (giving myself a bruise on my knee) didn't matter after getting the news. So taking up the unpopular,difficult accounts isn't that bad after all. It's a trade-off.