Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Discussion.

I was having a heart-to-heart talk with mum and brother. They were concerned about me being too scared to go to work. So was I. Doesn't help when the blood pressure shot up to pre-hypertension levels.

The discussion was about looking within myself to seek what I really want. Seems like I was always focusing on what's greener on the other side, and what's not green on my side.

My brother asked me to think back to see why I left my previous job, and why I wanted my current so much at that point. My reasons were: previous job was too boring and mundane. Current job would give me the exposure and variety.

If I wanted to go back to teaching, then I'd be back at square one - going through the routine and mundane stuff everyday. If I wanted the variety, then I would have to put up with all the shit that comes with it, which is what is making me rethink. Would I want to live the routine mundane life or swim through shit everyday? Looking back, while teaching was boring, I didn't drag myself to work. My current job is however, making me drag myself to work everyday.

I was also told that work is unlike school, things are not perfect, and I just gotta accept it. And everywhere I go, there's bound to be the baptism of fire (which I strongly believe is what I'm going through). If it's myself that I can't get pass, then no matter where I go, the same thing is gonna happen.

Questions to self:
- Do I see myself progressing in the advertising sector within the next few years?
Quite frankly, no. I don't see myself progressing to do business development...

- Do I see myself progressing in the education sector within the next few years?
Yes. I can see myself as someone who would be experienced enough then to guide new teachers.