Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Brand Training

Over Thursday and Friday, I was picked to attend a brand training at Botanic Gardens by a company. Only one person per agency could attend. Since I was the copywriter doing that particular account, there was no better candidate than myself to go. Prior to the training, there were 3 assignments - pretty easy ones: just to read case studies, and to prepare some text I have written before and bring it along with me.

Tired out the night before, I arrived at 8.10am, with droopy eyes, waiting for it to start. In short, the front portions were boring with the dry stuff, but the fun parts came in when we had to work together in groups to "practise" what we were "taught".

So there, I mingled among the employees, learnt new stuff, and had a fruitful first day. Over dinner, I managed to rub shoulders with directors from all over the APAC and US region and the marcomms people. Neat.

I was sitting through presentations throughout the 2nd day, albeit dry but critical stuff we needed to know and understand. I'm glad I did not skip it at all, I wasn't intending to anyway. Haha.

But yeah, I realized this was a rare opportunity for me to be there since you don't really get the chance to be part of something so major like that in your entire career. So to be able to get such exposure so young, I felt really lucky. Even the director of marketing for apac said that it is rare to experience something like that in her career.

Hmm, I'm inspired and motivated after this event. (:

Oh, and something I came across at Botanic Gardens while walking out to the bus stop on Friday afternoon after the brand training, on my way to the PC show.