Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 10-Day Trip

After sending my brother off to Europe for his pilgrimage, and after a few more trips to the airport, I had the impulse to book an air ticket and fly away. One of my interests is airplane rides. So, I did a little research on air fares, checked if my bank account balance was healthy for me to go, and that was it, I decided on visiting my relatives just the country next door - that could save me a lot on lodging and food.

All was booked and paid and one evening, here I was, at the budget terminal... The departure hall didn't look too bad!

Waiting for boarding at gate 9.

That is all to Gate 9. Minimal seats...

Then you'd have to walk up the plane.

It's a budget airline, so don't expect roomy leg space. But it's ok since it was only a 38 minute flight there.

The uninteresting magazine...

There was nothing much I did in Malaysia. My main goal was just to get away from Singapore, and to relax while I was there. But I did eat some good stuff at this restaurant called Delicious as recommended by my niece...

Not forgetting to visit the pasar malam and eating the fried carrot cake.

And the night before I left, sitting at the mamak store eating prata. I wanted to eat the nasi lemak, but my mouth got me nursing a huge ulcer. The prata was already in bite size pieces when it was served, so they only give you a fork. Ha.

This is KL's budget terminal, known as LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Much bigger than the one in Singapore since they also have domestic arrival and departure halls. And of course, more flights fly there too.

The check-in counters.

In the departure hall...

This was how the departure halls looked like. They were just all side by side.

But plenty of seats...

Then we have a shelter to get us to where the plane was... They even had umbrellas there in case it rained, which it did, after I got on the plane.

On board the Tiger!

Back home after a good 10 days break.