Saturday, May 30, 2009

Talking & Analyzing

A fellow friend came to chat with me on msn. First I told him I was not exactly in the mood to talk, but then again, some talking might make me feel better. We chatted. I spoke about my interview, the questions and how I tackled them. We analyzed it and I didn't do that badly afterall. I did think before I spoke, and my answers probably had some deeper meaning to them. But how the interviewers looked at it, I'm not sure.

But for sure, I did okay, not as bad as I thought I was. I was placing overly high expectations on myself, and that was the source of frustration. I had real-life experience to speak of, in addition to only what I do in school. Of course, every question could be further improved, but seeing how I performed, not too badly, it was okay! (: