Saturday, May 16, 2009

Peace Within Crazy Times

It all started since yesterday, when there was a class BBQ. Since I got home late, and couldn't fall asleep until late, the tiredness set in. This morning, there was this compulsory Interview Skills & Image Essential Workshop so I had to wake up early. After a useful session, at least, I got home, gobbled down some food and went to snooze.

Right now, I'm babysitting. I asked if I could access their wireless connection and managed to get it connected. The kids have gone to their rooms, after watching Bedtime Stories together and racing on our Nintendo DS with Mario Karts. There, there, between all these, my uncle and aunt is in Singapore now, for some reason, all of a sudden and I don't exactly have time for them.

Actually I'm glad I'm this busy since then I don't have to entertain their numerous questions and things that could potentially make me lose my sanity. Yay-ness to busy-ness. Sometimes being busy is a good thing.

The BBQ, the babysitting and the tuition to come over the next few days = PEACE.