Monday, May 04, 2009

Living One Day At A Time

School is unofficially over and done with. I'm back to living one day at a time, waking up, see if I have anything for the day, then go on to do what I need to do, and then the rest, decide later. It is considered one form of bliss since I'm not tied down to anything, with the exception of tuition students, that is.

Surfing the net when I'm free, picking up the Nintendo to poke, watching teevee, or just plain slacking on the bed. Well, life like this will come to an end. It's just another transition periods. Meanwhile, I should be beefing up the resume, and be on a higher lookout for jobs. I want the money.

Anyway, I think RP is back in Singapore. RP, I missed you leh. Meet up soon leh. (Then I can get my birthday present air flown from Taiwan. Hee hee hee.)
No reply from SMRT yet.