Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Girl

I remember my very first day in Pioneer JC. I went up to this girl who was standing alone, whom I bet did not know anyone else, just like me, and talked to her. I said something to the extent of, "Hi, my name is Esther, you?"

That was the very first classmate I spoke to. Her name is Janice. Since then, we sat together, ate together and were partners for group work, for lab work, until one day she broke news that she will leave halfway overseas to study. I shared my locker with her, since it wouldn't be worthwhile for her to rent a locker for the year.

She left for the UK, and once in a while, she'd leave messages on my Facebook. Recently we were messaging more since she tagged me on a note. As such, it inspired me to blog about her.

Well, until now, my impression of Janice is this quiet demure girl who has neat handwriting. She even walks gently. She's coming back to Singapore, for good. I hope to meet her, after a good 5 years.

Do you remember the first person you talked when you were in a new school? I do.